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The Environmental Benefits of Renting Furniture

It may not be immediately obvious, but there are major environmental benefits to renting furniture. This is true for almost any lifestyle because when you decide to rent furniture, you’re saving not just time and money, but also energy and resources. Take a look at how your decision to rent furniture makes a positive impact on the environment:

Reduce Waste

Renting furniture creates less waste and recycles materials that already exist. Furniture rental also reduces demand for raw materials like wood, which can be destructive to natural habitats, and foam, which is an artificial product that is not biodegradable and requires chemicals in its manufacture. Renting furniture also saves usable furniture from landfills; when you get tired of it, rental furniture can be processed and rented again.

Go Vintage

Furniture rental allows you to indulge a vintage, retro sense of style without doing damage to the environment. Reusing furniture, either by renting it or using antique pieces, allows for a look that’s both hip and functional. Whether you want a genuine antique, or you’re looking to rent a piece that’s relatively new yet has a vintage look, it doesn’t make sense to buy something new

Stay Sustainable

Furniture rental is also ideal for the person who cares about sustainable living in all aspects of their homelife. If running your household sometimes feels like a job, the practical reuse of furniture and only renting what’s needed is a smart strategy. Just as you’ll stretch your budget by shopping at secondhand stores for clothes, a reuse philosophy guiding your home furnishing strategy saves you money and gets the job done.

Simplify Your Home

Looking to simplify your life and leave less of a footprint? When less really means more, working to declutter your life feels great—and renting furniture is a great way to keep things simpler. You won’t waste extra mental and economic effort buying the furniture outright, and you won’t worry about transporting it or setting it up, because the company does it for you. Once you’re done with the furniture, voila! Call the furniture rental company and they are right on it, there to pick up all your items and leave you with a blank slate once more.

Millennials and Renting

There are several amazing reasons the Millennial generation is renting furniture more than other generations. One of them is that Millennials care about the environment, more than every other generation before them so far. They want to fight climate change and they don’t want to generate lots of garbage—and that includes durable goods that should be reused and recycled, like furniture.

Renting is Convenient

Millennials aside, we have all entered the convenience era. We can get just about anything delivered to us at home without ever leaving, and furniture is on that list. For most of us, saving our gas money and gaining the convenience of never carting furniture around is a huge win—for us and the planet. Furniture rental is a huge modern convenience that allows for a greener, less wasteful lifestyle.

Save yourself a number of hassles and lots of money, and save the planet at the same time. Take advantage of the environmental benefits of renting furniture, and reap your own benefits as well.

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