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Short-Term Furniture Rental Benefits for Students, Travelers, and More!

For some people, even a 12-month lease is way too long. If you’re moving, your life circumstances have changed, or you’re just doing something that requires a lot of travel, you might need to keep your options open. If you aren’t in one place for a long time, you don’t want to bother with purchasing and furnishing an entire home.

That’s why Fashion Furniture offers short-term furniture rental. These plans are perfect for many of our customers, and in this post we’ll explore the reasons why.

Learning on a Budget

Students love our short-term furniture rental options, and it’s no wonder why! They may be moving twice a year; into an apartment for school and somewhere else for summer—and then starting over in another apartment come fall. With rental furniture, moving is simplified. The company drops off and sets up your furniture, and then picks it up again when the lease is over.

You don’t need to own a home full of furniture in college—you just need to be comfortable and productive while you study. Rental furniture is a smart, low cost fix.

On the Road

Travelers can also benefit from short-term furniture rental. If you’re traveling, you want to be comfortable, but if you only plan on staying for a little while then it doesn’t make any sense to cart furniture around with you.

If you’re hitting the road for work over and over again and always end up staying in the same place, consider ditching the generic motel. Create a home away from home without the hassle of owning furniture.

Home Stagers

Real estate agents and home stagers know that properties filled with decorative furniture sell and rent faster, and for more money.

For furniture stagers, real estate agents, and anyone else trying to sell a home faster, short-term furniture rental is a valuable tool. A short-term furniture rental will instantly enhance the property’s salability, and improve your odds on the market.

People in Transition

If you’re going through any one of a number of life transitions, short-term furniture rental is a real life saver, not to mention a balm for your budget. For example, if you’re going through a divorce or break up you probably need to save your money, you almost certainly could use pleasant surroundings, and you definitely need your own place, fast. If you’ve got children, this is even more important.

Short-term furniture rental is made for situations like these. Instead of trying to tough out a difficult time on someone else’s sofa, opt for a short-term furniture rental. You’ll be in a space that feels like home, and you won’t break the bank making it happen.

Final Thoughts

So many people are discovering short-term furniture rental benefits. Students, travelers, real estate professionals, and anyone going through a living space transition already know the benefits of renting furniture only when they need it. Really, though, the benefits are great for anyone who wants style and comfort without the commitment. Contact Fashion Furniture to get started with your dream short-term furniture rental!

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