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Furniture Rental for Athletes

Looking for hassle-free solutions to your athlete relocation needs?

Welcome to Fashion Furniture – Your Pathway to a Stress-Free move!

As a professional athlete, moving could be challenging and stressful experience. Let’s fashion furniture rental is the process by taking care of all your furniture needs during your relocation. Furniture entire home quickly and easily without doing any of the heavy lifting. Choose from one of our pre-styled living room, bedroom and dining room packages or individually choose your furniture pieces.

Are you relocating to California or Dallas?

Fashion Furniture Rental can help get you settled into your new home. Keep reading!

Why renting is a smart choice

Save money
When you rent furniture with Fashion Furniture Rental, you’re saving money on expenses that can go towards other things involved in your move.

Save time
Renting furniture simplifies the moving process. Athletes can avoid logistical challenges of transporting and setting up furniture, allowing for a smoother transition to a new location. With one phone call or email we arrange everything for you.

No long term commitment 
Renting allows athletes to be flexible with their living arrangements. They can easily adapt the furniture choices based on the duration of your stay or specific team requirements. Need your furniture longer than your  initial lease term? No problem, simply keep your furniture on a month-to-month basis of us know when you’re ready to pick it up.

Fast and convenient
Our team delivers, sets up and picks up your furniture for one low price. This can save valuable time, allowing athletes to focus on their training.

Personalized service
We offer 1-on-1 consultations with one of our customer care specialist to support you in choosing a rental furniture according to your personal style and budget.

Special offers for all athletes and athletic division personnel

Receive 20% off any website package plus a free premium bed upgrade.

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