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Retirement, Independent and Assisted Living

Is renting furniture for senior living the key to your comfort and convenience?

Welcome to Fashion Furniture – Your Pathway to High Quality Senior Living!

As you near retirement or embrace it fully, it’s evident that this phase brings about numerous transformations. You might be considering downsizing or aiming to relocate nearer to love ones in a retirement community. Regardless of your plans, Fashion Furniture Rental is here to facilitate a smooth transition for you.

Fashion Furniture Rental can help get you settled into your new home.
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Why renting is a smart choice

Assisted living arrangements might not be permanent and needs can change. Renting allows for flexibility in adjusting the furniture according to the resident’s changing needs.

Cost effective
Renting furniture can be more cost-effective than buying furniture, especially if the stay in assisted living is temporary or short-term.

Variety and Customization
We offer a wide range of furniture options. This allows for customization based on the specific needs and preferences of the resident without the long-term commitment of buying.

Ease of Transition
Moving into assisted living can be a significant transition. Renting furniture can simplify this process, ensuring that suitable and necessary furniture is available immediately without the hassle of buying, moving, or disposing of old furniture.

Quality Assurance
We provide high-quality, well-maintained furniture, ensuring comfort and functionality, which is crucial in assisted living spaces and budget.

Senior residents receive:

  • 30% off their first month lease – 3 months or longer
  • Free upgraded mattress 
  • $199 delivery (includes pickup)
  • Delivery in about 48 hours

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