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10 Unique Summer Decorating Tips for Your Home

Updated April 2020

Looking for some great decorating tips to summer-up your home? We’ve got some fun, budget-friendly advice you can use this season to get your place staycation-worthy.

Add a Splash of Color, or a Few

There are a million ways to add color to your home, and summer is the perfect time to do it. Change neutral wall art out for colorful graphic paintings, or replace existing table centerpieces with vibrant fresh flowers. Shop flea markets or antique stores for colorful pieces of tableware, or rent a new set of dishes for summer in a bright, exciting color—no need to commit beyond a few months.

Aim to create more contrast by swapping darks out for deep, rich colors and brightening up your existing lights. You can swap bland tones for summery hues with paper, fabric, or paint, without a major investment of money or time.

Add Some Visual Interest

Few things feel more summery than colorful stripes over white. Transform white cushions, cloth, or canvas into something special for the season using painter’s tape to create a place for fabric paint stripes.

Move it Outside

Image via Modern Glam

Now that the weather is beautiful again, it’s time for eating, drinking, and being merry outside. Move your party outside with a low table, cushions, bean bags, or floor pillows to sit on, and candles. Keep your color combinations bright and exciting, with white as a counter-hue.

Move Outside In

Image via Pexels

For those times you won’t be outside, bring the great outdoors into the house. Summer feels real when signs of green plants, seashells, and other outdoor items are inside, especially when they bring pops of color with them. Live plants that flower look gorgeous inside anything from a large seashell to a colored glass bowl to an antique tin can atop a plant stand.

Tend Bar

Image via Pexels

If you’re hosting lots of fun summer get-togethers, fresh and fruity summer drinks are surely on the menu. Mix and serve them from a dedicated “bar,” even if you haven’t got one, by transforming a console table into a mini cocktail bar.

Outdoor Lighting

Image via Adobe

Outdoor lighting, especially the trendy market lights, is an instant, (and cheap!) way to say “we’re open for summer”. Bring whimsical vibes to your outdoor space by quickly hanging up mood lighting. You can purchase traditional market lights that use an outlet, or purchase some that are battery operated so you can hang them anywhere.

No outdoor space? No problem! Hang lights inside to make your room feel extra cozy and inviting.


Botanical Themes

Image via Pexels

Even if growing live plants isn’t your thing, you can bring a summer feeling home with botanical themes in your décor. A throw rug with flowers and leaves on it, colorful floral pillows, or sheer bamboo forest draperies all add a summery botanical look to your place that is super on-trend for the season.

Set a Pretty Mixed-up Table

Image via Adobe

To get that summertime bohemian look and vibe, think about finding accent dishes in different summery patterns and colors to add life to your next dinner. Mix bright dishes with tropical, botanical, or even nautical themes into your normal place settings. Your guests can also enjoy your homemade sangria or other cocktails out of differently-sized glass jars.

Repurpose a Fireplace and Mantel

Image via HomeGoods

It’s going to be a while before you need to build a fire for warmth, so turn that cozy focal point into something perfect for the lazy days and nights of the summer season. Fill the grate with driftwood, coral, or candles in colored glass vessels.


Get Wild With Animal Prints

Image via Royal Design Studio

Animal print is an easy, trendy way to update your home for a new season. When it comes to bold patterns like animal print, stick to incorporating only a few accessories so the room doesn’t look like you’re living in a safari: think a few throw pillows, a rug, or event a fun print for the wall. While smaller pieces, these are more budget-friendly and will still make an impact.

If you’re feeling more on the wild side (get it?) create an accent wall in a modern and fun animal print, like this removable cheetah print option.

Hang Flowy Curtains

Image via West Elm

Let that sunshine in with gauzy, flowy curtains for the summer months. Get just enough privacy for your indoor time, while achieving a beautiful look and breezy feel. You can purchase these curtains to stay budget-friendly in your home makeover.

Choose New Focal Points

If your living room set normally focuses on a fireplace or television, mix it up for the summer. Rearrange your furniture in a different direction, maybe towards doors to the patio or a sunny window. If you’ve already swapped out heavy drapes for flowy, sheer curtains, you can take it up a notch by renting a beachy-looking room of summer furniture for a completely new look for less money.

Enjoy Your Summer!

Get into our unique summer decorating tips for your home. This budget-friendly advice should have you ready for an endless summer of family, friends, and fun. For more décor tips and furniture to fit your home no matter what season it is, visit us here at Fashion Furniture.


And, be sure to click around the image below to learn about additional beach-themed design options for your home!

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