How to Decorate With Bold Colors & Patterns

If you want your home to have a professionally designed look, decorating with bold colors and patterns is a must-have for your home decor checklist. The key to stylish and comfortable interior design is maintaining a balanced aesthetic with coordinating colors and textures. Follow these pro tips from Fashion Furniture and get ready for an elegant and eye-catching update on your home decor: 

Play Up Contrasts

In order to get the most out of every square foot of your home, we suggest designing around a focal point, which draws in the eyes and makes the space really stand out. Start by creating a backdrop with a neutral palette, which will make it easy and straightforward to add colorful accents for a sense of depth and style. Along with classic neutrals like gray, white, black, and beige, metal finishes also have a subtle effect while adding an extra layer of visual interest to the room. 

When redecorating a living room, for instance, look for large pieces in subtle, match-everything colors, including couches, sofas, area rugs, tables, and shelves. You can then add texture and warmth to the room with home decor accessories that express your personal style. 

With an understated backdrop to work from, you’ll be able to dress up the space with small yet bold pieces for maximum impact. Accent pillows, vases, baskets, fluffy throw blankets, and other decorative items can be as dramatic, charming, or whimsical as you like. You can also add eye-catching and intricate designs to the walls with fanciful wallpaper and artwork, which will instantly transform a drab room into a sleek and stylish space that has a professional touch.

Incorporate Complementary Accent Colors

When adding color to your interior design, look for a color scheme that includes a few coordinating hues from the color wheel. As designer Tara Mastroeni from FreshHome explains, “Using too much of one color, especially when it’s a strong shade, can feel overwhelming. Adding accent colors is an easy way to break up the room a little while still adding visual interest.” 

She advises following the 60/30/10 rule: Choose a neutral shade as the dominant color, which should cover 60% of the room. The remaining 30% should be a slightly bolder shade while the last 10% should be your most eye-catching accent color. 

Use Patterns to Highlight Bold Colors 

One of the great unifiers in interior design, patterns featuring bold colors can help give your space a cohesive look. We recommend choosing a pattern designed in similar bold shades, which will complement the other accent colors in the room. Textiles are the perfect place for incorporating patterns into your decor. Try using blankets, rugs, and throw pillows into your interior design for just the right amount of color and visual impact. You could also include a patterned accent chair or sofa, which can serve as the focal point of the room. 

Consider Proportion & Scale

When it comes to using bold colors and patterns on the walls, the size of a space is an important factor. As Mastroeni points out, “Using too much of one, eye-catching color in your design runs the risk of feeling overwhelming, rather than like a trendy style statement.” 

An easy way to avoid this common design pitfall is by following an easy rule of thumb. For small spaces, stick to decorating with one singular shade, which is also the same rule for overly large rooms with extra wall space. Medium-sized rooms have a balanced amount of wall space, which allows for a large punch of color; feel free to cover all four walls in bright, bold colors and lots of wall art. 

Choose a Design Theme 

In the world of home decor, there is no shortage of design themes to choose from, giving you plenty of options for decorating. From mid-century modern to boho chic, deciding on a design theme will make it easier to narrow down your choices when shopping for the best home decor accents and accessories. For the best results, we recommend sticking to one or two styles, which will give your home a consistent look that expresses your personal taste and preference. 

Once you choose a design theme, you can easily apply the aforementioned tips to create a stylish and professional-looking tableau of complimentary home decor. Remember: Along with using a balanced amount of colors and patterns, choosing the right shades for a particular style is also an important part of interior design. For example, if you’re going for the rustic, industrial look, start with layers of subtle neutral colors, which can serve as an understated backdrop for dramatic colors and patterns. You can also emphasize contrasts by pairing the passionate yet earthy shade of red with the weathered look of this on-trend style. Finish the look with accents in different shades of red such as throw pillows, area rugs, and wall art. 

With the right amount of colors and patterns, you can easily transform your home into a comfortable and stylish abode that looks and feels like home sweet home.

Stay tuned for more pro design tips from the Fashion Furniture Rental blog, your source for the latest trends in interior design.

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