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9 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Now that summer is over, get ready to celebrate the joys of autumn when you update your home with easy and budget-friendly decorating ideas inspired by the season:

Bring in Natural Elements

Whatever the season, fresh cut flowers are a simple and inexpensive way to freshen up any room. Try placing a fall inspired bouquet on any countertop for instant focal impact. We recommend an arrangement of seasonal autumn flowers such as deep purple chrysanthemums and alstroemeria, orange marigolds, and dark red varieties of orchids, hydrangea, and roses. 

You can also bring nature indoors with clippings found outside, such as dried wheat-barley and pine tree twigs, which can be arranged in elegant glass vases throughout your home. Even cheaper than a fall bouquet of flowers, natural clippings will add a rustic and charming touch to your fall decor. 

Pine cones are also easy to find and can be arranged on the mantelpiece, used as decoration in fall wreaths, or placed in a wooden bowl for a homespun look. If you live in an area where pine cones are hard to come by, you can also purchase pine cones in most craft supply stores–some even come with a cinnamon scent! Another way to give your home a fall vibe is to place mini cedar pines throughout your home, which will help keep you cozy during sweater weather while also adding a fresh pine scent to the air. Try arranging a few trees near the fireplace, by a window, or as part of a fall tableau. 

Use Bold Fall Colors 

Now that fall is here, we suggest switching up your home accents with deep, dramatic shades associated with colder temperatures. A trendy color this season is ochre, an earthy, rust-colored shade that can easily warm up any room. You could place an ochre-colored chunky knit blanket on your bed, reading chair, or couch for extra softness and warmth. 

Traditional autumnal colors also include deep maroons, burnt oranges, and different shades of bronze. For a pop of color and whimsy, designer Bronwen Smith likes to use bold and dramatic colors: “Incorporating rich purples and deep pinks will help to brighten up your decor and set it apart from the rest.” 

Incorporate Warm & Cozy Textures 

When incorporating autumnal shades into your fall decor, we also suggest looking for rich and comfy textures like chunky knits, mohair, velvet, and wool. A budget-friendly way to add instant style to your fall decor is by switching up accent pillows on the couch or sofa with velvet fabric in olive or umber. As designer Anna Burke points out, “…These warm tones are the perfect contrast to neutral upholstery and will last you through all the seasons.” When it comes to extra throws on the furniture, chunky knits are the best option for keeping you warm and cozy during colder weather. 

Glass Display Cases With a Fall Twist 

The great thing about glass display cases is their versatility; the showcased pieces can be easily switched out from season to season. For fall decor, designer Nina Cooke John from Reader’s Digest suggests displaying different items together for a quintessential autumnal look: “Fill vases, jars, bowls, and terrariums with mini pumpkins, pine cones, acorns, apples, or pears.”

She likes to pair similar elements together in larger containers like terrariums while arranging items with a monochromatic color scheme into smaller jars. These beautiful fall display cases can be placed together or separately as a standalone piece. They can also be added to a floral arrangement, candles, or other fall decor. Another option is to fill a glass mason jar with small LED wire lights, which will warm up any room with a magical glow.

Seasonal Scents 

Along with your favorite fall decor, seasonal aromas are essential for adding warmth to your home during the fall season. As Cooke John of Reader’s Digest explains, “Scents play an important part in forming and retrieving memories. Pumpkin spice is popular for a reason.” 

With this in mind, there are many opportunities for adding rich and uplifting aromas into your home. For a cozy and comforting fall afternoon, set the scene with aromatic apple cider steaming in the kitchen and an oven full of apple pie, cinnamon rolls, or other baked goods that are popular in autumn. The smell of wood burning in the fireplace and scented candles are also warm and inviting touches to your home. Along with candles, we also suggest looking for aromatherapy oils and reed diffusers that have different varieties of wood and musk scents; fragrances with an earthy base are the perfect aroma for a fall infusion. 

Outdoor Decor 

You can also bring the season to your front door with a warm and earthy arrangement of autumnal decor such as mini pumpkins, decorative gourds, and magenta mums in rustic tin pots. For an added pop of color and an eye-catching entrance, try placing green and white ornamental cabbage plants and small potted cedar pines on your porch steps or patio. 

One of the most traditional types of fall decor for the outside is an ornamental wreath placed on the door. For an easy DIY project anyone can do, try taking a grapevine wreaths and attaching mini pumpkins, fall foliage, dried corn, and other quintessential symbols of the season with twine and a hot glue gun. Use a colorful decorative ribbon to hang it from the door and you’ll be ready to welcome the season with a festive spirit. 

Another simple idea is to arrange a bundle of dried wheat clippings into an earthy and rustic wreath that epitomizes the fall season. Any extra clippings of wheat can be placed in a glass vase for a decorative touch on any countertop. You can also place bales of hay on the porch steps, which can be used to display pumpkins, marigolds, sunflowers, and other fall decor. 

Eye-catching Centerpieces 

Creating a single focal point for your home is the key to stylish and comfortable fall decor. For a look that really pops, bring on the “wow” factor with a dramatic centerpiece placed in a spot where you expect visitors to spend the most time, such as the dining table, mantle, or foyer. 

Once you’ve decided on the perfect location, use the fall season as inspiration for creating a lush autumn scene. Using a variety of different colors and textures, try arranging a tableau of dried plants and foliage such as decorative gourds, pine cones, candles, and acorns. You can also drape an autumn garland on the mantle, a popular full decoration that can be purchased at a craft supply store or made by hand as an easy DIY project.

Display Seasonal Produce On Your Kitchen Counter

A cornucopia of fruits and vegetables is one of the most iconic symbols of the fall season. A simple way to make your own is by showcasing a bountiful harvest of seasonal produce on your kitchen counter. For a traditional look, you can use a classic straw basket in various shapes. Another option is a wooden bowl made from bamboo, which will give your kitchen a touch of Zen elegance. 

There are many different choices for putting together a cornucopia. After a day of apple picking, store your harvest in a glass bowl display on the kitchen table or counter. Seasonal squash varieties will also look bright and bountiful in glass jars. When you’re ready for snacking, cooking or baking, your main ingredients will be easily accessible. 

If you have open shelves in your kitchen, you can add a touch of fall inspired wholesomeness with glass containers filled with dried goods like peas, corn, and beans. The idea behind this type of fall decor is to show off the harvest bounty in a beautifully arranged display. 

Decorate With Fall Collections 

If you have a collection of seasonal items such as pumpkin sculptures or decorative bowls, you can use them as beautiful fall decor by placing similar pieces together or mismatched ones in small clusters, which will create lovely pops of fall color. As long as it doesn’t look messy and cluttered, a fall inspired collection is an easy way to add a touch of charm and whimsy to any room. For more playful items, we suggest arranging them in different directions, which will create an interesting visual effect. If your collection includes large stand-alone pieces, each item can be highlighted in separate sections of a bookcase, which will make your statement pieces really shine with maximum impact. 

After months of heat, humidity, and bad hair days, fall is finally here, and you know what that means: pumpkin spice-everything, cozy nights by the fireplace, and your favorite fall decor! 


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