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Creative Ways to Display Your Book Collection

If you have a collection of books that are collecting dust, it’s time to break them out of the dark corners of your closet and showcase them in all their literary glory. When you apply basic design concepts with a little creativity, books can be easily incorporated into your home decor for instant style and appeal. 

Incredibly versatile as home accents, books are perfect for complementing any type of design style, from beach contemporary to mid-century modern. Follow these tips from the design pros at Fashion Furniture Rental and get ready to transform your home into a stylish and sophisticated space that shows off your personal style: 

Organize Books By Size & Color 

If you have a large book collection, it can make your home feel messy and cluttered, especially if you don’t have a method of organization. For major visual impact, Deirdre Sullivan from The Spruce suggests arranging your books neatly on shelves that match in size and color. As Sullivan explains, “Not only will your shelf collection look tidier, but it can also make books easier to find if you remember their shade.” If your collection contains books in bright hues, color sorting will also add a bold and eye-catching pop of color to your overall design.

For the traditional look, try arranging your books horizontally on a bookshelf, which will give the space a more formal and classic style. Another option is to create a more relaxed look by stocking your books horizontally in similar shades. Large, oversized books are a perfect option for this type of display. 

Showcase Books in Wall Cabinets

Cube style wall cabinets are another option for displaying your books. For a stylish and professional look, try creating a tableau of complementary looks. If your home has a coastal vibe, for example, you could arrange books in different shades depicting the ocean such as blue, aquamarine, and white. Complete the look with a large seashell or piece of petrified coral. The same concept can be applied to any design theme, making it an effortless way to add style and charm to your home decor. 

DIY Table

For a chic boho vibe, your book collection can also be placed in stacks of even height, which can serve as unconventional table legs for virtually any type of hard flat surface. The table top can be an old wood framed window, a rustic repurposed door, or a piece of cut wood with uneven edging.

This easy DIY project can also be used to make a creative nightstand in your bedroom. To create this one-of-a-kind end table, we recommend creating a stable surface with large hard covers stacked horizontally. The trick to this look is to arrange a display that feels sturdy and won’t topple over. 

Display Books on a Gallery Wall

If you have a special book collection that you want to show off, you can also install a ledge wall shelf on an empty wall. Often used to showcase artwork and framed pictures, these sleek and functional shelves are also ideal for displaying visually appealing books such as vintage collections, graphic novels, and oversized art books. This type of shelving also gives you the option of switching up the display as you see fit; that way, you’ll never get bored with one look and can even adjust the arrangement according to the season or your personal preference of the moment. 

Store Books on a Ladder

Unexpected and visually interesting, a repurposed ladder is another creative way to store your book collection. As Hannah Overhiser from TheEveryGirl blog points out, “They create height, and their frames are often inconspicuous enough not to detract from the decor items you’re putting on display.” It also allows you to incorporate texture and depth into the room, making your book collection an attractive focal point with lots of visual impact. When adding decorative pieces to your book display, try playing up contrasts with a balanced amount of color and height. 

Update Your Bookshelves 

You can easily give old bookshelves a custom makeover by lining the backing with decorative wallpaper or spraying it with metallic paint. Finish the look with monogrammed letters and bookends, which will help break up the look with different elements. Another idea is to add a touch of personality to bookshelves by repainting the frame in a matching color or lining the back with scrapbook paper, antique maps, or other interesting patterns. 

You can also decorate your shelves using a specific theme, giving you the chance to express your unique style with keepsakes commemorating special events or memorable travels from your past. The interior designers at Shutterfly recommend accessorizing your book collection with meaning: “A good rule of thumb for your room, keep your bookshelf decor purposeful and specific. Choose items you will look forward to seeing every day, including frame photos and memorabilia.” 

Maintain Balance & Visual Appeal

When books are stacked vertically from floor-to-ceiling, it can look stuffy and cluttered. You can avoid this common pitfall with books by creating a less formal looking display. An easy way to break up the monotony is by adding horizontal stacks of books along with more traditional ones that are arranged vertically. This will help add a touch of visual rhythm and interest to your book collection. 

For a large bookshelf, you can also play up the look with a balanced combination of books that are complemented with real or faux potted plants, small accent lamps, and other decorative items such as vases, globes, and framed photos. 

Save Space With Staircase Bookshelves

If you have a large book collection, we recommend utilizing every square inch of space with a staircase with a built-in bookshelf. This will allow you easy access to all of your favorite books while also helping you avoid a messy and cluttered look. Not only is staircase storage a practical solution for space saving, but it also will add a stylish touch of color and visual interest to your stairs. 

You can take this idea even further by adding a shelf to the top of the stairs, which can be created with molding and thick planks of wood. Incorporating shelving in and around your staircase is one of the best ways to spruce up a boring set of stairs. 

Create Unconventional Bookcases 

Another way to display your book collection is with non-traditional shelving, which will add an eclectic charm to your home decor. Interior designer Chelsey Pippin from BuzzFeed recommends repurposing a vintage refrigerator into bookshelves, giving you additional room to display your favorite titles. Another fun idea is to convert a large artwork frame into a full-scale bookshelf. Try using a decorative frame in a shiny metallic finish, which will highlight your books for a sleek and cohesive look. 

For a rustic and industrial style, you can also make shelving out of old pipes, which can hold a small collection of books at the top of your reading list. Another shelving option in this style is repurposed scaffolding with industrial looking piping holding the shelves together. Place it against a large wall for extra space saving and you’ll be able to display a large family library without it looking disorderly and chaotic. 

Make the most of your family library with innovative book storage that is both functional and visually striking. 

Look out for more pro design tips from the Fashion Furniture Rental blog, your source for the latest trends in interior design.

For all your design needs, contact Fashion Furniture today! 

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