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Fashion Furniture Rental Introduces Amazon Echo’s Alexa to Its Line of Home Furnishing Offerings

San Diego, CA, July 18, 2017 — Leading California furniture rental company Fashion Furniture Rental, Inc. has announced a new pilot program that will introduce Amazon Echo to its houseware packages.

This pilot of Amazon Echo, most notably recognized for its Alexa feature, will be offered to all Northern and Southern California Fashion Furniture service locations beginning July 18, 2017.

“The Amazon Echo will build on Fashion’s ongoing commitment to provide a new level of convenience to our customers with its voice assistant technology,” said Jeremy Harper, Director of Marketing at Fashion Furniture. “We will continue to bring new innovations to our customers to ensure we are always providing the best experience possible.”

This pilot will make Fashion Furniture the first furniture rental company to offer home automation products as part of its complete home rental packages. Customers will now be able to add Amazon Echo with Alexa to any home furniture set, just as easy as they would add a TV or select the perfect accent lighting for their home.

Offering the extra convenience of Alexa to its customers is just another way that Fashion Furniture continues to strive to make life transitions and the relocation process easier. With the capability to understand voice commands and help with everyday tasks and reminders, as well as the fun of playing music on demand, Fashion Furniture combined with Alexa proves fashion and technology can mix to be innovative.

To obtain an Amazon Echo from Fashion Furniture, a user would first select the home furniture set they wish to rent, and then add Alexa to their cart from the list of accessories. It will be available to customers in Northern and Southern California including San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the surrounding Bay Area.

Fashion Furniture is a premier furniture rental company that specializes in complete home furnishing solutions. From bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room furniture, to silverware sets, lamps, decorative art, TVs and now the Amazon Echo with Alexa, Fashion Furniture is the end-to-end home furnishing rental solution. Fashion Furniture makes it especially easy for people in transition for school, work, or just life have the comfort of home and innovative technology solutions without the upfront cost or commitment of buying.

Customers can count on fast delivery, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, top-of-the-line style, and a varied selection from Fashion Furniture. With a comprehensive website and simple online check-out process, Fashion Furniture is designed to meet each customer’s needs.

For more on Amazon Echo and Alexa as part of Fashion Furniture’s accessory offerings, and Fashion Furniture Rental, Inc., visit

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