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What to Expect on Moving Day

No matter how many times you’ve moved, chances are that moving day isn’t going to go exactly as you’d hoped. That’s okay because as long as you know what to expect, you can roll with the punches. Plan ahead and be ready for moving day this time around! Here are our best pieces of advice for what to expect on moving day.


If you’re using a moving company, don’t forget that you’ll be called upon to do an inventory before they pack up with your things and leave. It’s easy to get caught up in the process of just getting it all prepared for them to arrive, but once they get there, your job isn’t done. Leave time for that inventory so you can be sure everything arrives in the shape you want it to.


“Open first” box

This is just like it sounds. All of the things you couldn’t pack until the last second probably belong here because you can’t just go without them. Mark this box carefully, and if you don’t transport it yourself, make sure it’s 100% clear where you can find it.


Don’t pack  personal valuables

By that, we mean things that are worth a lot, especially to you. This includes cash, jewelry, family heirlooms, and other valuables might come under this heading. Even though most moving companies are reputable, it makes more sense to keep things like this with you and not packed in a box.


Do a last minute walkthrough before you leave

It’s easy to miss the details during the stress of a move. Wait until everything is outside and you’re ready to leave, and then do one last walk through. Check each room, and look in closets and any drawers or other storage spaces. Make sure doors and windows are closed and locked and check the thermostat to make sure the house isn’t going to be racking up huge bills when you’re not there.


Pack correctly

Even if someone else is moving the boxes and furniture, pack well! Heavy items should go in small boxes, so no one gets hurt. Everything should be clearly labeled; make sure each box says which room it should go in. If things are fragile, pack them appropriately, and label them well.


Observe mover etiquette

In every profession, there are amazing customers and the ones you’d rather never see again. Be amazing! Make sure you know where your movers can park, and any other details they’ll need at both ends.


Finish packing before they get there, unless you’ve hired them to pack as well. Empty large pieces of furniture (like dressers and nightstands) so they’re less dangerous to move. Once they’re in motion, get out of their way, but stick around in case there are questions or problems that arise. And remember, tipping is always appreciated. On average movers get $25 to $50 each depending on how much stuff you have and how difficult it is to load and unload. If you’re going the friends and family route, you can never go wrong with pizza and beer as payment.


Don’t forget self-care

Get some sleep the night before you move! And even if the whole kitchen is packed, make sure you have a takeout breakfast, or otherwise have a good meal to start that long day. Moving can be stressful anyway; without rest and nutrition, it’s a lot worse. But if you do your best to take care of yourself and even put your feet up at the end of the day, you’re going to have a much better time and emerge unscathed.


Final Thoughts

Moving day can throw you some curve balls; there’s no doubt. But if you’ve prepared ahead of time, you will be able to field almost all of them and focus on anything that does present a problem. Keep these tips for what to expect on moving day in mind, and enjoy your new home! If you don’t have any furniture to move consider renting furniture. Fashion Furniture Rental provides premier service to clients throughout Southern and Northern California.

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