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Reasons You Should Have Rental Furniture in Your Vacation Rental

If you’re getting ready to put a property on the market as a vacation rental, you no doubt want to get the most out of your investment, maximizing your profit and getting a fast turnaround so you don’t go broke waiting for the place to rent out at a decent rate. You can make this happen quickly and effectively by using rental furniture in your vacation rental. Check out the tips below from our experts.

Go for a luxurious, high-end look

No matter what their budget is, guests prefer a high-end look and feel over something that’s generic and middle-of-the-road every time. Even if the rental is a little more rustic, no one wants to sleep on sheets that feel thin and worn, or be in rooms that look and feel dingy and dull. Guests want a high-end experience for one simple reason: they’re on vacation! It’s a treat, maybe the only one they’ll get for awhile. It’s an emotional preference and everyone wants to indulge at least a little on vacation.


Get a look that’s crowd-pleasing

In the home you live in, it doesn’t matter what your taste is like because what you say goes. However, when you have a vacation rental, you need to please a crowd. No matter how amazing you think your taste is, you need to keep that in mind. Yes, stick to basic themes that you enjoy; don’t decorate a rental in sleek, modern styles if you can’t stand that look. But you shouldn’t hesitate to hit some more common notes in your decorating, and give vacation renters some of what they’re expecting.


Rental furniture can help you do this in style and affordably. You won’t find anything that’s too far out there in a high-end rental furniture showroom. On the other hand, you’ll find styles that are cutting edge without being too edgy—exactly what you need to appeal to the mass vacation rental market.


Scale more easily

Brandon Wright of ThoughtLab points out that renting furniture for a vacation property makes it much easier to scale:


“My business partner and I have used a combination of rented furniture and purchased furniture in our Airbnb listings. Being able to rent furniture has given us the ability to scale and add units faster than we would have been able to otherwise. Vacation rentals are an experience purchase and having great looking design, and furniture in your listing makes it much easier to get bookings.”


Get furniture that’s beautiful—but still built to last

If multiple people are going to be occupying a space, you need something that’s both appealing and highly functional. Rental furniture is chosen with this criteria in mind; it needs to both look gorgeous and be built to last. These two qualities are essential in a vacation rental.


More pros than buying

For Andrew McConnell of, in many cases there are just more pros and fewer cons to renting furniture for a vacation rental property than buying:


“As the CEO and Co-Founder of, this is a subject with which I am intimately familiar. In fact, on the properties we lease ourselves, we also take advantage of a mix of rental furniture and purchasing outright. For the ones where we lease, the reasons are as follows. The pros of renting include: much lower upfront costs, the ability to keep the furniture ‘fresh,’ and positive reviews, all of which drive up bookings. Downsides of owning are really just additional reasons to rent, and they include: the upfront cost, the wear and tear over time that makes the furniture less appealing to guests, and the feeling that you don’t want guests using your own personal stuff.”


Bringing it home

As you ready your vacation rental for the market, think about all the reasons renting furniture can help you maximize your profit quickly. By giving your rental a durable, higher-end look that’s pleasing to more people, you can easily scale your vacation rental projects and save money and time. Contact Fashion Furniture Rental today if you’ve got questions about getting your vacation rental to the right level for renting on the vacation circuit.

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