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The Benefits of Renting Furniture During a Life Transition

Although many people prefer to rent furniture without any particular occasion prompting them, going through a life change is an especially wise time to rent furniture. Naturally, everyone handles major events in life differently, but for most people, there are some common themes to watch for. Here are some of the benefits of renting furniture during a life transition, and some ways to make the most of this awesome option.


If you’re about to get married and start a household together with another person, you may not be entirely prepared to buy everything you need right away—especially if you just paid for a wedding and honeymoon! Renting furniture in your newly married home is a wonderful way to recoup some money in those early days of wedded bliss, and put off the need to buy furniture for awhile.



Yes, although it may seem ironic to have both of these events here, it’s absolutely accurate to say that moving out again and starting your own household again can be an expensive prospect. Hopefully, your divorce is an amicable one, but if you’re paying for a lawyer, you are probably not ready to spend much money on things like home furnishings. Still, you can rent stylish, comfortable furniture at a fraction of the cost you’d buy it for, and avoid feeling like you’re back in college with nothing but a futon.



If you’re moving into a new place, renting furniture can be a lifesaver—especially if it’s a major move over a long distance. Moving is enough of a challenge; moving into a place that’s turnkey makes it a lot easier. Just ask anyone who’s had to move overseas:


“When I moved back to the States from Germany, I knew that my household goods would not arrive for 3 or 4 months. I could have sat on a dark floor huddled in a blanket, but I went straight to work. Renting enough furniture to get me through the waiting period was essential. The company provided enough kitchen ware, a dining room table, and chairs. I also found a sofa with end tables and a coffee table, plus a bedroom suite. It was so wonderful to walk into my apartment with everything already set up. If I ever find myself in that position again, I won’t hesitate to rent again.” Says Mary Ellen, the Lead Copy Writer at Parker’s Voice.


Renting or selling your home

If you’re working to rent or sell your home and you’re no longer living there, it can be a challenge to give the place the homey, comfortable look it needs to feel like home to potential renters or buyers. Renting furniture to make the property look perfect is a fantastic solution to this problem:


“As part of my job I’ve cleaned or supervised jobs for many rental properties in London, and my opinion is based on my experience with them. Renting furniture fits extremely well with home staging. It is quite convenient for people who are sprucing up their properties for the purpose of selling it. Usually, buyers won’t pay much attention to unfurnished properties, and this is where furniture rental steps in. It is a great way to increase the value of a house and make it more attractive to the potential buyers without paying a fortune.” Says Harriet Jones, cleaning and maintenance supervisor of Go Cleaners London.


The bottom line

Major life events can present some of the best times to rent furniture. Renting furniture provides you with a stunning look for less money and no hassles—and when you’re in the midst of a life transition, saving money, time, and energy are almost always of high importance. As your household changes with marriage or divorce, or you make a major move to a new city, or your place your house on the market for sale or rent, renting furniture is often a fantastic choice.

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