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The Advantages of Renting Furniture from a Small Business

At Fashion Furniture Rental, we make it a point to showcase our small business attitude. There are so many benefits to working with a family owned company! We love to see that each of our customers takes advantage of each one of them. That’s why today we’re posting about the many benefits of working with a small, family-owned business, whether you’re renting furniture or doing just about anything else.

Buying local is great for your local economy

Improve your local economy by supporting a small, family business. More of your money will stay in your community when you do; research shows that $68 of every $100 spent at a local business stays in town, whereas only $43 of each $100 spent in a big box store stays local. What’s more, family businesses support each other. They source locally and keep the community thriving, especially since they’re deeply invested in their locality.


Family businesses are efficient

Many people think a smaller family business won’t be as efficient as a big company, but actually, the opposite is usually true! A family “team” can meet and discuss a game plan for the business day and get right to work on it. Speed is the natural result of a lack of middlemen and red tape.


Better service

If you have ever been forced to try and wrangle good service out of a large corporation, you know how difficult it can be. You find yourself calling to ask for help, only to be connected to a call center somewhere around the world—but not before you’ve been on hold for 20 minutes. And while you may have a friendly representative, they have no power over your case, nor are they invested in the outcome. When you work with a small, family business you’re talking to the whole business each time you come in. Your problems are taken seriously and resolved. At Fashion, we’re proud to say that no matter when you call us–day or night–you’ll be connected to a customer care team member.


The personal touch

In addition to customer service that’s better and more effective, a small family business gives you the personal touch you can’t get anywhere else. Shopping at this kind of business allows you to know the people you’re working with, and forge a connection. It also allows them to know you! This means they’ll understand what you want and need, and they will be able to craft bespoke solutions just for you. If you want tailored options, ask a small family business.


Innovation passes from one generation to the next

Innovation isn’t owned by huge tech companies alone! Businesses that can’t stay current can’t keep their customers happy. A family business gets a fresh infusion of energy and great ideas regularly as younger members of the family join the company. This means better ideas and more innovative strategies.


Local flavor

Keep your community unique by supporting the local flavor of a small business. These are the businesses that make a community what it is. There may be a Starbucks and a Wal-Mart in every town, but that small business run by a local family in your area is one-of-a-kind, and along with other local business, they are setting your town apart from every other place in the world. As you get better service, more unique products, and the personal touch, you are helping your community remain a unique destination.


The bottom line

When you’re in the market for beautiful, stylish furniture to rent, avoid the big box. The advantages of renting furniture from a small business include better service, a stronger and more unique local economy, more efficiency and innovation, and the personal touch. With so many benefits, there’s no better way to find the comfort and look you want for your home. Fashion Furniture Rental has furniture for every lifestyle. Shop our complete home packages and furniture collections to make your new space feel like home.

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