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Space Saving Tips for Your New Apartment

No matter how small the space, it feels wonderful to live in your own home. That said, moving into that new studio apartment can be a challenge, especially once you realize just how much you need to cram into that space. Here are some great space-saving tips that don’t involve blasting into your walls or a million-dollar budget.

Create Separate “Rooms” with Curtains

If you’re in a one room space, you can “wall off” your sleeping space with curtains, creating some privacy with the ability to keep the room open when you want. Or as an alternative, use a bookcase to “create” that sleeping area, adding some storage along with the privacy.


Nightstand/Desk 2.0

Nightstands and desks take up a lot of space. Mount your nightstand on the wall and open up space underneath for a shoe caddy, a bookshelf, whatever. Mount a light over it on the wall, so you have more surface space. Are you a laptop user? You don’t need a full-sized desk; try a shelf and mounted light.


Double Duty Furniture

If you’re looking to save space, nothing is as useful as furniture than can pull double duty—and thanks to the tiny home trend, there’s a lot of it out there. For example, a sofa that converts into a bunk bed gives you a place to sit and entertain and a place for two people to sleep. Or, you can choose a sofa and murphy bed combo and get a larger bed. How about an ottoman that can also be a coffee table or a bed? Or maybe a coffee table that opens up into a storage cabinet and flattens into a dining table.


Use Wasted Space

Is there space above your doors? Put shelves there. A corner behind the door? You’ve got room for a small corner unit, or if not that, a tension rod with hanging baskets. Go up and down the walls all the way with shelves, magnetic bars for knives and kitchen tools, and other storage solutions. If you can’t drill into the walls, no problem; try command strips and other non-damaging fasteners.


Loft Bed

By choosing a loft bed, you can use the same square feet for sleeping and creating a study or work space. In this case, you’re not getting furniture that does double duty, but instead furniture that lets the space do twice as much based on its configuration. Perfect for a small room!


Hang Things From the Ceiling

In the kitchen, you can hang pots and pans with a hanging pot rack; add hooks to suspend utensils, too. In the bathroom, you can suspend storage baskets. In your office or study space, you can hang organizing trays.


Organize Under Your Bed

Even if you don’t have a loft bed, you can make that space under your bed work for you. Keep it organized with plastic totes, baskets, or crates, on casters if it’s a big enough bed to make things tough to move when they’re way in the back.


Saving Space in Style

Sometimes the best way to save space is to keep it simple. Instead of culling together odds and ends yourself or trying to make your older furniture work, you can rent furniture sets made to fit into certain spaces, including studio apartments and other tight spaces. Reach out to the pros at Fashion Furniture to find out how much space you can save with a coordinated set of furniture for your space.

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