Decorating Hacks for Renters

A living space that feels generic and cold is no fun. How can you dress up a rented apartment and decorate without risking your security deposit? It’s easier than you think with these decorating hacks for renters.


Decorate with Plants in Interesting Ways

Plants give your place a homey feel and a lively look. Add visual interest by hanging them in unusual containers, anything from painted watering cans to used food cans covered in contact paper to colored bottles. Use a variety of plants, including very small ones like air plants you can suspend without even planting them.


Paint Furniture Instead of Walls

You might not be able to paint a colorful accent wall, but you can certainly paint a piece of accent furniture, or lots of them, if that’s your style. You can use regular paint and a brush, or even spray paint. Just remember to clean the furniture first, and if it’s wood, sand and prime it before painting. Always clear coat your work afterwards.


Use Cloth Tapestry Style

If you can’t paint a wall, you can still cover it with cloth that you love for a tapestry look and a softer, more comfy feel. Either cover the wall or just use a panel for a pop of color and visual interest.


Add Unique Pieces of Furniture

You don’t have to break the bank to get gorgeous, interesting furniture in your place. You can rent a set you love, or just a signature piece that holds the room together. Shop estate sales and vintage stores for a few unusual pieces and accessories to give your place the look you want while keeping the rest of your things on budget.


Use Wallpaper, Contact Paper, and Cloth Creatively

Repurpose crates, wire baskets, and/or boxes into modular displays and bookshelves by placing them on their sides with cloth, contact paper, or wallpaper inside them and voila! You’ve got an appealing way to store things in style. You can also cover appliances, and most kinds of furniture.


Use Removable Hangers for Art

Command strips and velcro are your friends if you don’t want any nail holes in your wall. You may need to patch up paint spots when you move if you use them, but you won’t need spackle and putty. They’re also really versatile; you can attach them to frames to hand art and pictures or you can attach them to things like office clips and clothespins to swap out posters and photos regularly. You can also hang art from crown molding, lean it on shelves, mantles, or easels, or use decorative washi tape to affix small pieces.


Hang Curtains with a Tension Rod

Made to go in a shower, tension rods can also help your closet if you need an extra row of hanging space or your window if you need to cover it. Just add inexpensive tabbed curtains and you’re good to go.


Rented Chic

Just because your place is rented doesn’t mean it can’t look awesome. Remember these decorating hacks for renters and you can make sure your place is perfect for you without endangering your deposit.

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