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How to Solve Your Dorm Room Issues with Student Furniture Rental

College can be difficult to handle sometimes, kind of like your dorm room! Your corner of campus comes with many challenges, from getting stuck with the top bunk to realizing your minimalist wardrobe isn’t so minimalist. Fortunately, there’s one great solution that solves many of dorm life’s challenges: student furniture rental services!

Renting student furniture can solve many of the dorm room issues you face when you have a small space to furnish and, quite likely, a small budget as well. Learn why you should rent your student furniture in this post and read on below to learn how you can solve many of the most common dorm life challenges.

Issue #1: The Cost of Buying All New Furniture

Solution: Skip the Price Tags of New Furniture with Student Furniture Rentals

With the soaring cost of books, student loans, and a nice meal plan if you’re lucky, chances are you don’t have much room in the budget for dorm furniture. While it may be tempting to buy brand new furniture, it just doesn’t seem wise to spend money on new pieces that will only work for a short time and for a specific place. Save the money and hassle of managing your furniture items by renting your dorm furniture. Student furniture rental offers all of the stylish pieces you want, without the high upfront costs.

Issue #2: Lugging Furniture in and Out of Your Dorm Room (and Then Storing or Getting Rid of It)

Solution: Rent to Avoid Being Stuck with Your Dorm Furniture Once the Year Ends

When you’re only going to be living in your dorm for a short period of time, it doesn’t make sense to purchase all of your furniture pieces, whether new or thrift. Student furniture rental can provide all of the pieces you need, for your living space and bedroom, and pick it all up once you’re ready to move out. No transporting, storing, or selling needed.

Issue #3: Cheap Furniture from Second Hand Shops and Thrift Stores is Ugly

Solution: Enjoy High Quality and Stylish Furniture Pieces by Renting Your Dorm Furniture

No doubt that you want to make your dorm room your home away from home, but new furniture is expensive and impractical. So, you’re stuck with dingy secondhand pieces from your local thrift store (or the side of the road, let’s be honest). Renting furniture for your dorm is the best solution when you want new, stylish pieces to make your space your own, without having to pay retail prices or settle for ugly pre-owned items.

Issue #4: The Furniture May Fit Your Budget, But Not the Room…

Solution: Work with Student Furniture Rental Pros and Get Exactly What You Need

You already have a lot on your plate with various student events, homework (thanks, that professor), and ocializing, and the last thing you may want to do is spend an afternoon in stores with a tape measurer. Luckily, when you work with a student furniture rental service, you won’t have to. Simply work with one of our professionals or shop online for the pieces you need. Once you’ve ordered your items, our professionals will bring the furniture right to your dorm.

Issue #5: There’s About a Solid Square Foot of Storage Space

Solution: Let Professional Rental Services Help You Get Creative with Organization

It’s no secret that finding extra storage and organizational space in a dorm can feel like a math exam. To add more usable space in your dorm, consider hanging floating shelves with pull tabs for easy removal, hanging a cork board for accessories, using space-saving clothes hangers, using an over-the-door shoe rack, and using a bunk bed organizer that hangs over the end of the bed to hold odds and ends. Check out this post for more dorm storage ideas.

Additionally, a student furniture rental service will have many items that can help you get organized in style. A furniture rental professional can help you determine the add-ons you need to keep your clothes, accessories, books, snacks, and other items tidy and organized.

Solve Your Dorm Room Woes with the Help from Fashion Furniture Rental

If you’re a student and dealing with any of these dorm challenges, get in touch with us at Fashion Furniture Rental. We work with students every day to provide a wide variety of stylish furniture pieces and entire living room, bathroom, and bedroom sets for low monthly prices. You don’t even need to visit us in person. Simply shop and order your furniture online and we’ll deliver it right to your dorm building!

Ready to get started? Pick your package here to begin ordering your furniture, or give us a call at 800.235.9030 with any questions.

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