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Holiday Decor Tips for Small Spaces

This season, make your holiday festivities even brighter when you get the most design leverage out of a small apartment, house, or dorm room. Follows these tips and get ready for big design in small spaces.

Mini Holiday Decor for Small Spaces

The concept of this easy-to-do decorating tip is simple: decorate for the holidays with classic decor but in miniature size, like a small rosemary bush shaped like a Christmas tree. Even though the decorations are small in size, you can still go big on holiday décor with tiny wire lights wrapped around the tree and mini candy canes for ornaments. Mini holiday décor can also be easily incorporated into your entire home, which lets you extend the holiday cheer beyond the living room. Try placing a tiny potted Christmas tree on the bedroom nightstands or in the bathroom for a touch of holiday décor in every room.  

DIY Garlands

Small spaces like apartments typically don’t have fireplaces, so try using your living room wall as a fun and festive alternative. When you decorate your living room with garlands strung up along the wall, it can also be used to hang your Christmas stockings.

You could buy the plastic garlands at the store but all natural materials always make the best home decor. Homemade garlands are also easy to make with everyday items you can find in most kitchens. One of our favorites is the garland made from stringing up cranberries and popcorn, which can be easily constructed with a needle and string.

DIY Wreath

Following the theme of naturally sourced holiday decor, a handcrafted wreath made with grapevines makes the perfect base for personalizing this classic decoration. With handpicked accents like bright colored ribbon and small ornaments, there are so many options for customizing your DIY wreath. If you’re a sports fan, you could wrap the wreath in the colors of your favorite team. Or you could keep it classic with green and red ribbon, plus a few glued on pinecones to give it a rustic and earthy vibe. The possibilities are endless!

Invest in Large Mirrors

Buy your apartment a large mirror for Christmas, one of the easiest ways to create the illusion that your room is twice as big. Large mirrors can be easily installed on the living room wall. To expand the space of a small bedroom, simply add a freestanding full-length mirror to the corner of the room.

Make it a complete dressing set with a chair placed next to the mirror, which you can use to store essential items like bathrobes, nightgowns, and other clothing. Try placing this mirror and chair next to a nightstand, which will allow for it to double as a vanity. Having your vanity in the bedroom frees up space in the bathroom, which your roommates will always appreciate.

Minimalist Table Centerpieces

Minimalism is the latest trend in décor, which is perfect for small spaces. And when it comes to holiday décor in small spaces, less is more. For the ultimate minimalist holiday centerpiece, take two sprigs of fresh fir branch and place around a tea light in a simple glass votive. For a refreshing touch, use a pine or peppermint scented candle. Another minimalist holiday centerpiece idea is to take a small piece of driftwood and place mini string lights around it. For a touch of playful kitsch, top with a small bird that you can get at a craft store.

For another cheerful minimalist centerpiece, take a large glass vase and fill it loosely with green pine sprigs. Then, place a string of mini lights throughout the vase for beautiful holiday lighting. Use battery powered LED string lights so that you don’t have to worry about plugging it in. These sparkling centerpieces are full of holiday cheer but without being overwhelming; they also bring a subtle light to your table with a clean and sophisticated look.

Holiday-themed Bouquets

Christmas-themed flowers placed around your home are an easy way to freshen up your space while also adding to the festive decor. You could also make vases out of rustic watering cans by filling them with evergreen bows, which is more convenient than flowers since you don’t have to replace them.

If you live in a small space, chances are pretty high that your bathroom is tiny as well. If your sink has limited counter space, put a few flowers interspersed with pine branches in an extra small vase such as a small glass soda bottle or mini sized Mason jar. The refreshing sent of the pine will bring the invigorating smells of the forest into your home. The extra-small repurposed vase also looks proportional to the tiniest of counters in your apartment or house.

‘Tis the season for peace, joy, and festive home décor in small spaces!

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