DIY No-Sew Face Masks

COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted across the country as states are working to try and get life back to normal (or as normal as we possibly can, given the circumstances). In order to continue to keep our communities safe, the CDC recommends that the public continues to wear face masks when going outside and running errands: think going to the store, picking up to-go orders, being around groups of people not in your household. (States have varying restrictions, please check with your local and state government for details). Instead of purchasing medical masks–please leave those for healthcare workers!–here are some easy, no sewing required DIY face masks you can make at home to keep you and your family safe: 


No-Sew Bandana Mask

Have a bandana lying around? Put it to work! Here’s what you need: 

  • Bandana 
  • 2 rubber bands, hair elastics, or something similar

Fold bandana in half 

Fold the top of the bandana down, fold the bottom of the bandana up. 

Place rubber bands or hair ties 6 inches apart

Fold sides to the middle and tuck

Your mask is ready to wear!


Images and directions via CDC


No-Sew T-Shirt Mask 


Don’t have a bandana? No sweat. Grab a t-shirt you’re willing to sacrifice for the greater good and get to cutting! 

You’ll need: 


  • One t-shirt
  • Pair of scissors 

Lay t-shirt flat and cut off the bottom 7-8 inches 


Cut a 6-7 inch rectangle on the side of your fabric (this will be for the opening and the strings). Cut the edge of the fabric to make the strings that will tie around your face. 


Instructions and images from the CDC


How should a mask fit? 

A mask should go as high as the bridge of your nose and cover your mouth down to your chin. According to medical experts, you want to make sure you have a good seal around your mouth to protect yourself and others. 


Cleaning Your Mask 

One of the benefits of making your own cloth face mask is they are easy to clean. You can hand-wash it in the sink or throw it in the washer with the rest of the laundry (mesh laundry bags would be perfect!) whenever your mask needs a refresh. The CDC recommends you wash your mask once a day, for example, at the end of the day when you’re done with errands–and always wash your mask before you wear it for the first time. 

We hope that these tips provide useful information to keep you and your family safe. For more information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC website

If you have questions about renting furniture and Fashion’s policies during COVID-19, click here. 

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