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5 Easy DIY Design Projects

When you get the decorating bug, you might be surprised at how expensive it can be to some new items to your home. Don’t let big price tags discourage you–there are so many ways you can bring new decor without breaking the bank! Skip the store and try one of these 5 DIY projects to add fun and personal touches to your place. 

Chalkboard Wall 

A chalkboard wall is a super easy and fun way to change up a wall. Use it as an art canvas (finally, you can let your kids draw on the walls!) or stay practice by writing lists and chores. Take the design a step further by creating a frame around the painted area with reclaimed wood. We have one in the Fashion Furniture corporate office and it’s a blast! Here’s an easy tutorial on how to prep, paint, and prime your chalkboard wall. 

You can buy chalkboard paint at any hardware store in a variety of colors to stick with your home’s color palette. If you’d rather create a custom color, check out this post to mix your very own chalkboard paint! 

If you’re a renter, no sweat! You can still do this DIY project in your apartment. Painting over the chalkboard wall to the original can be done in an afternoon. Lightly sand the wall, then wash with soap and water. After the wall is dry, paint it over with a latex primer, then cover it with wall paint. 

DIY Antique Side Table 

Image via DIY Cozy Home

No need to spend big bucks on a true antique. All you need is some paint and a floating shelf (Ikea has lots of options for cheap, we love a good Ikea hack!) Carefully stencil the design of an antique table on the wall and fill in the design with a paint color that matches your shelf. When the paint is dry, hang your floating shelf above the painted table. It’s perfect for an entryway or small corner! 

Reupholster A Chair Cushion

Image via House Beautiful 

Reupholstering a chair cushion may seem intimidating but in reality, it’s super simple and can be done in an afternoon. Swapping out fabric is an easy way to make a big design impact without spending much money. This is also a great hack for pieces you find in thrift stores or swap meets that fit your design but need an upgrade. For this project, you’ll need a staple gun, scissors, a screwdriver, fabric of your choice, and a solid piece of cotton. This video takes you through the process step-by-step.

Add Accents with Washi Tape

Image via A Beautiful Mess 

Washi tape is a creative’s dream! This Japanese masking tape is made from paper and comes in a variety of different colors, patterns, and even textures–you can buy it at any craft store. Washi tape is meant to be repositioned so you can tape pieces to surfaces without the risk of damage. This versatile material is perfect for numerous projects in your home, from making art to scrapbooking, to organizing the pantry, to adding color accents directly to the walls. Bonus–washi tape is renter-friendly since it’s so easy to remove! One of our favorite washi-tape projects comes from A Beautiful Mess and their washi tape doorway makeover! There is truly no end to all the fun and creative DIY wall decor you can make with washi tape. 

Make Your Own Mid-Century Coffee Table 

Image from A Joyful Riot 

Mid-Century-inspired style is all the rage, but those pieces can be expensive. Often, you can thrift true mid-century, but that takes time and patience (and honestly, a real knack for thrifting!) If treasure hunting isn’t something you love to do, don’t worry: turns out, you can make a cocktail table in under an hour that’s totally custom to your taste. This tutorial from A Joyful Riot walks you through the steps to make your own stylish and trendy mid-century coffee table for a fraction of the retail price. Another Ikea hack for the win! 

We hope these projects give you some fun ideas on how to update your home without breaking your budget. If you are looking to rent furniture for your home, contact the Fashion Furniture team to get started!

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