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California Leasing Agent & Property Survey [Infographic]

We asked our colleagues that work in apartment communities throughout California to participate in a survey to understand the wins and challenges of this industry. The answers we received were then visually represented in this infographic. 


 Click Here To Download The Infographic To Share With Your Colleagues 


Where in California is your property located? 

34% San Francisco/Bay Area 

8% Los Angeles

29% Orange County

29% San Diego 


Positions that Answered the Survey

29% Assistant Property Manager 

25% Property Manager

25% Leasing Professional 

13% Regional Manager

4% Resident Services 

4% Leasing Services 


How Do You Connect to Residents? 

38% of leasing agents say that in-person events are the most effective way to connect with prospective residents. 

33% connect with residents via email 

13% say social media is the best way to reach out to new residents 

13% reach out to prospective residents on the phone 

4% are exploring virtual tours


What Are The Most Common Questions Asked During Tours? 

63% Price of rent

8%   Floor Plans 

8%   Amenities 

4%   Parking 

4%   Noise

4%   Year Built

4%   Lease Length

How Many Times A Week Are You Asked, “Can You Lower The Rent?” 

58% 1-5 times/week

29% 6-10 times/week 

13% more than 15 times/week


Who Rents Furniture? 

Students at local schools

Families between homes 

Healthcare professionals 

People relocating for work 

People not interested in buying furniture 


Best Community Amenities Offered At The Property 


Pet-Friendly Facilities 

Co-Working Space

Retail Options

Swimming Pool 


Most Common Things Found In The Pool 

Pool Floats

Bees & Other Bugs

Swim Goggles 



The Most Common Requests From Residents 

9% More Amenities

25% Lower Rent/Lower Price 

13% More Resident Events 

4% Borrow Keys

8% Better Parking 

4% Dining Options 

8% Fix Water Temperature

21% Maintenance 

4% Furnished Options 

4% Hold Mail


The Most Common Complaints From Residents

38% Too Much Noise

17% Residents Not Cleaning Up After Pets

13% Price Of Rent Is Too High 

8% Trash Is Not Picked Up 

8% Not Enough Parking

8% Missing Packages

4% Yard Not Maintained 

4% Want A Pet Park


The Funniest Request From Residents

Bathe Animals in Yard

Borrow Fitness Equipment 

Lunch Invite

Install A Doggy Door 

Add Music to Clubhouse

Stop Raccoons from Being Loud

Stop Filming Them From Smoke Detectors 

Water Their Plants   

Expand Trash Chute

Babysit Their Kids

Test Microwave

Measure Ceiling

Drive Them to Work 


Workplace Challenges

The majority of respondents said “not having enough time to complete tasks” is the biggest workplace challenge. 

Other Challenges Include: 

Upset residents

Staying competitive 

Collecting Rent 

Dealing with Amazon 

Last-minute move-ins 

The move-out process 

New construction 

Staff turnover 

Managing coworkers

Limited parking

Resident retention 

Working with residents

The COVID-19 crisis

Neighbor conflicts

Seasonal rental spurts

Short term rental pricing 

Staffing turnover 


Delivering value while making revenue goals 

Closing a lead with an indecisive resident 


Which Team Is the Most Competitive At Your Location? 

84% Sales

8% Maintenance 

8% Everyone 

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