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7 Tips for Decorating the Perfect Nursery While Renting

When it comes to decorating the perfect nursery, parents should consider all the things a newborn needs in order to feel warm and comfy such as playful, soothing aesthetics, soft, plush surfaces; and functional, easy access storage. To maximize your nursery design in a rental home, we recommend going with a cohesive theme that can be easily updated as your child grows up. 

From the home decor experts at Fashion Furniture, here are the top tips for decorating the perfect nursery while renting: 

Pick a Design Theme

Whatever room you’re decorating, we suggest choosing a harmonious look of coordinating colors and textures, which will help create a sense of balance and depth. Gender-neutral themes are a major trend for nurseries, including delightful images of the forest such as trees, playful animals, and flowers. 

Another option is to choose a design theme inspired by cute characters from popular cartoons and fairytales. A nautical theme is also a fun idea for kids of all ages along with gender-specific themes such as princess-inspired decor in various shades of pink and spaceships, planets, and robots for a baby boy’s nursery. 

Light Pastel Colors & Patterns 

When decorating your nursery, try choosing a pastel color palette for your design theme, such as light blue or soft pink, which will have a soothing and calming effect on your newborn. A touch of yellow can also add a bit of contrast and visual interest to the overall look of the nursery. 

There are many ways to brighten up your nursery without losing your deposit. Try breathing new life into the room by updating used furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Look for zero or low VOC paint at the hardware store, which is safe for babies and doesn’t off-gas a chemical odor after painting. 

Pro tip: Always use safety precautions when refinishing wood by testing the item for lead. A lead test can be purchased at your local hardware store; if the furniture tests positive, make sure to keep it away from the baby. 

DIY Accent Wall 

If you live in a rental home, you might not have the option of repainting the nursery in a different color. You also might be hesitant to put holes in the wall in order to hang artwork and photos. One way to make a big impact on the room is with an eye-catching accent wall. For renters, one of the best ways to create a stunning wall is with removable wall decals. A great way to stimulate a newborn is with bright-colored patterns and scenes depicting animals, trees, rainbows, or other fun and playful designs. 

These decals can be placed on the wall next to the crib or near the play area. And when it’s time to move out, you don’t have to worry about losing your deposit because these decals will easily peel off without damaging the original paint on the wall. Decorating with wall sticker art is also much easier and more cost-effective than putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. 

Floor Rugs 

Not only do rugs tie the room together with a sense of depth and expansiveness, but they also provide a soft area for the baby to roll around and play with toys. For a rug that is easy to clean and remove, look for removable carpet tiles that fit securely onto the floor with adhesive. 

If your overall design theme is full of solid colors or neutrals, try breaking it up with a bold patterned rug. You could also play up contrasts with a low-pile shag carpet for ultra-softness. You also want something durable and safe for babies, which is why we recommend organic fibers like cotton or wool, which is hardy and easy to clean. It also has antibacterial properties, making it ideal for sensitive infants. Look for adorable designs such as fluffy animal rugs with a baby-soft shag finish.  


Incorporating accessories into your nursery design has benefits that are both practical and visually pleasing to the sensitive newborn. Also called a tidy, a great space saver is a nursery organizer, which hangs over the crib and features pockets for fast access to baby essentials like diapers, toys, and clothes. 

Another must-have for your nursery, plush stuffed animals are adorable, especially when they coordinate with your overall design theme. Look for stuffed animals that don’t have any hard surfaces, which are safe for newborns to play with. For quick access and an organized look after playtime, we recommend keeping a selection of plush toys in a designated toy box. You can also showcase stuffed animals in different parts of the room such as the top of a dresser or on freestanding shelves. 

Wooden Furniture 

Certain types of wooden furniture are absolutely essential for any nursery, including a sliding rocking chair, which will be soothing and comfy for both the parent and infant during feedings. You should also look for a crib with a wooden frame, which can be easily repurposed into a twin bed when the child grows up. 

If you want to avoid damaging the walls by installing shelves, the best option for rental homes is a free-standing shelving unit, a budget-friendly option for renters and a perfect place to store baby supplies. The extra storage space will also give you the chance to personalize the nursery with framed photos and cute artwork depicting animals and florals. 

A classic toy for any nursery is a rocking horse, which adds a playful touch to the room’s design. It also serves as a fun toy for your child to play with as they get older. Hanging a mobile above the crib is another must-have for your nursery because it will help stimulate the senses of your newborn while also adding a finished look to a warm and cozy nursery.

Magical Accent Lighting 

String lights give off a soft, diffused light that can add a dreamy effect to the room while also serving as a nightlight for your little angel. Depending on your design theme, there are many options to choose from such as wall lights depicting clouds, stars, cute animals or flowers. 

Another popular design trend is the crayon shaped table lamp, which can be placed on a table or nightstand near the crib. You can also string up magical and dreamy string lights made out of stars, globes, and other whimsical shapes. The soft lighting will add a warm glow to the room while also highlighting any decorative wall decals.

Pro Tip: When hanging anything on the wall, make sure to choose lightweight items that can be easily secured with 3M Command strips, which won’t damage the walls. These temporary wall fixtures can be purchased at your local hardware store or online. 


Decorating your nursery is an exciting journey because it marks the beginning of your child’s life, giving the interior design even more significance and meaning.

Stay tuned for more design tips from the pros at the Fashion Furniture Rental blog, your source for the latest trends in interior design. 

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