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10 Unique Tile Design Ideas to Set Your Bathroom Apart

One of the most used rooms in any house or apartment, an updated bathroom with a few show-stopping details will significantly increase the value and overall visual appeal of your home. Depending on your design theme, there are many options available for revamping a bathroom, including tiles on the floor, the walls, and sink countertops. 

With a seemingly limitless amount of tile designs to choose from, redecorating your bathroom with a theme in mind will help you narrow down your choices. From the design pros at Fashion Furniture, here are the most popular interior design styles for inspiring a bathroom that really stands out:  

Mid-century Modern

This popular design style brings together the best of the 50s and 60s, giving your bathroom a clean retro feel that is both stylish and functional. The key to nailing this look is maintaining a balance of modern and simple looks such as flat, angular tiles on the walls.

A quintessential style from this period, subway tiles that are glossy or matte are the go-to choice for a straightforward style that refreshes the senses. You can also add a touch of color and visual interest with similar shades of green in a geometric pattern. For the floors, look for neutral, simple colors such as black, white, or gray.

Minimalist Chic

Clean lines and simplicity go hand-in-hand with comfort and functionality, the cornerstones of this modern interior design style. An effortless way to update your bathroom with modern minimalism is with oversized marble tile floors, which will make your bathroom look elegant and sleek. 

You can also create a clean and simple space with white tiles on the floor and walls. Make the design complete when you elevate the look with bright colored accents. This no-fuss style will give you a refreshing bathroom that is perfect for starting your daily your routine. 

Hollywood Regency

Ultimate luxury and opulence is the epitome of this classically glamorous style, an interior design style that first became popular in the 40s. Delightfully merging Art Deco accents and silhouettes with high-polished elegance, a Hollywood Regency style bathroom should sparkle and shine with glossy tiles on the wall, giving the space an ultra-glam effect. For a big impact, damask tiles on the floor will also add a touch of vintage charm and sophistication.


Often confused with modern design, contemporary encompasses anything trendy and of-the-moment. As the editors at Decor Aid explain, “Contemporary interior design style trends also have more freedom as modern is usually fixed around squared, graphic lines and a particular take on modernity.” 

With this fun and upbeat anything-goes design theme, you can go as big or minimal as you want. The main thing is to create a visually striking focal point, either with tiles in bright colors and patterns on the wall or floor. Look for unique styles such as quirky paint-splattered tile designs around the mirror or a DIY mosaic of broken tiles on the shower wall that are arranged in undulating waves of pretty blues and greens.


Inspired by organic materials sourced from nature, the rustic style is characterized by subtle layers of warm, neutral colors. One idea is to add warmth to the bath and/or shower area with a wall of glossy brown tiles, which will give your bathroom a wooden effect and an understated touch of sparkle. Another option for a weathered, industrial style is incorporating faux-textured subway tiles onto the walls of the shower or vanity. For the floors, go for a natural, organic look with mismatched tiles in brown, beige, or gray. 


A mix of modern and traditional, this trendy design style is visually appealing but without being overly uniform. The design experts at HGTV recommend designs that blend natural elements with vintage-inspired charm: “Countertops most often feature natural or faux-natural materials like stone, slate, or granite. Floor and wall tile choices range from historical to vintage, with subway, hexagonal or penny tile…”

Another approach to traditional design is to mix and match different eras, such as modern, rustic tilework accented with classic details for a subtle touch of visual interest. As long as the different styles complement each other, this type of design allows you to choose the best colors and patterns for expressing your personal style. 


For those who live near the water or long to be closer to the shoreline, a coastal themed bathroom is easy to create when you incorporate tiles in the appropriate colors and patterns. Give your bathroom a dose of Vitamin ‘Sea’ with an ocean ombre accent wall in shimmery blue-green. Or take inspiration from the high seas with a nautical-themed bathroom wall with navy blue tiles outlined with white-colored grout. 

Another way to bring the spirit of the ocean into your bathroom is by decorating the walls in different shades of blue ceramic tiles accented with textured faux-wood details. For the cheerful, water-inspired effect in the shower, go big on color with bright turquoise green tiles in glossy, shimmery, or matte finish. 

French Country

A stylish and elegant marriage of shabby chic and antique French, this trendy design theme allows for an eclectic mix of complementary yet varied interior design styles. To extend the look and feel of French Country into the bathroom, we suggest starting with classic black and white square tiles on the floor. This traditional tile work will help outline the perimeter of the space, giving your bathroom a sense of depth and expansiveness.

For a major impact, you can instantly transform your bathroom by decorating the shower wall with luxurious blue tiles with a glossy finish and modern accents. Another option is to decorate the vanity wall with decorative tiles that are truly unique, such as vintage style flamingos that complement a white porcelain alcove.  


Timeless and always trendy, Bohemian decor boasts a globally-inspired mix of exotic finds such as vintage and antique tiles and decor. This eclectic style has a hint of everyday glamour paired with carefree whimsy, which helps create a warm and inviting space. 

One option is to go for a dramatic look with dark colored tiles on the wall such as elegant black and white patterned tile work for the flooring. The neutral colors will make the perfect backdrop for showcasing intricate tribal-patterned rugs or other rare, international style accents. You can also create a modern Bohemian style with simple white tiles on the floor and walls, which you can brighten up with retro style rugs and tropical greenery. 

Asian Zen 

For a rich take on minimal interior design, Asian Zen is a harmonious balance of simple minimalism and uniquely layered accents, giving you understated elegance that is also warm and comfortable. When choosing tile designs for a Zen-style bathroom update, look for understated, nature-inspired colors, which will help create a calming and restful atmosphere. For example, white and gray patterned tile work on the floor will give your bathroom a touch of modern decor, which effortlessly complements the Asian Zen theme. Complete the look with light gray wall tiles, a simple, clean design that instantly calms the mind. 

Try revamping your bathroom with one (or several) of these iconic and trendy design styles and get ready to start your day with a bathroom that refreshes, relaxes, and inspires. 


Look out for more design tips from the Fashion Furniture Rental blog, your source for the latest trends in interior design.


For all your design needs, contact Fashion Furniture today! 

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