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5 Reasons You Should consider Rental Furniture in Dallas, TX

Shopping for furniture can be a daunting and expensive process for many apartment renters and new homeowners moving to Texas. There are so many factors to consider and until you are fully committed and settled in your new place you may not know what you need or where to get it. In 2022 more people than ever are turning to rental furniture to fulfill their needs. Take note, as there are quite a few reasons you should consider rental furniture in Dallas Texas.

1. No Long-Term Commitments

The beauty of renting furniture is that you set your own time frame on how long you rent. Need your whole place furnished for only six months (or less)? That’s not a problem when you rent. Furniture can be delivered when you arrive and taken away when you leave.

It’s easy to switch up your style when you rent furniture in Dallas. You can live with your items now and decide later what you want to keep, return, or swap out. Change from an upholstered couch to a leather one or update from a traditional dresser to one that is more contemporary. You have the freedom to be whoever you are in the moment and have furniture to match.

That means no buyers remorse for you! According to one study on retail furniture purchases “Most customers go through some sense of regret” after making a significant purchase like this, and about 2% to 10% of furniture buyers go so far as to “return or exchange when there is absolutely nothing wrong with the furniture.”

2. Save Money

Renting furniture could save you thousands of dollars versus purchasing every item for your home. Rental furniture companies understand that cash upfront is an issue when moving, therefore they offer smaller monthly rates on furnishing your home.

At Fashion Furniture we offer whole home furnishing packages starting at less than $300 per month. These come complete with living room, bedroom, and dining room furnishings, giving you everything you need to make your home a livable and enjoyable environment.

How much does it actually cost to furnish a whole apartment when purchasing? For comparison, we checked sources such as and for costs on purchasing furniture for a one-bedroom apartment. Estimates came in between $3500 and $8600. That’s a lot of money to spend especially when you realize all the other costs already involved with moving.

3. We do all the Heavy Lifting 

Anyone who has moved their own furniture knows how frustrating and even painful it can be to coordinate a team, gather the appropriate equipment and physically carry furniture from one place to another. If you’re moving to an upper level apartment, there is the added complication of maneuvering through stairwells and narrow doorways.

One great reason you should rent your furniture from Fashion Furniture in Dallas TX is that we do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is pick a time for us to arrive. Our team are experts at assembling and arranging your furniture so you don’t have to worry about putting things together improperly or damaging your furniture. You get to relax and enjoy your new place.

4. Delivery in 48 hours with our Rental Furniture

Right now, across the United States people are waiting an average of 6 weeks and sometimes even months for purchased furniture to arrive. It creates incredible stress on families to live out of suitcases and sleep on the floor for extended periods of time.

When you rent from a furniture rental company like Fashion, you’re getting high quality pieces that are in stock, ready to be delivered. In most cases we can get your whole home delivered in 48 hours or less.

5. Sustainability

Ever wonder what happens to the furniture that gets left behind when someone moves out of their home or apartment? It usually ends up in a landfill, regardless of the condition. One of the great advantages of renting furniture from a reputable company is that every piece is well cared for after each use. Deep cleaning and regular repairs ensures that rental furniture keeps its value for a long time and lessens the environmental impact of discarding furniture. You value sustainability of the planet and so do we.

Check out our Furniture Options Online

See how easy it is to get started. Visit our online shop to view what’s available in your area and place your order. We’re here for you Dallas!

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