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Advantages of Modern Furniture Rental in Dallas

Dallas Texas has been growing steadily for the last decade. It has even become known as a tech hub for start up companies according to the Business Insider.  While this city will always stay true to its cowboy roots, many residents are opting for a more modern feel in their homes and younger crowds are…

How to Design Your Home Around a Theme

Interior design does more than provide your home with a sense of comfort and style; it also is a reflection of who you are, including your interests and lifestyle. When you design your home by a theme, it gives you the chance to add a unique and charming touch to the overall vibe. From the…

6 Decorating Tricks to Enhance a Small Bedroom

Even if you have limited square footage to work with, a small bedroom doesn’t have to feel cramped and cluttered. When you furnish and decorate with these innovative space-saving ideas, you can easily transform a pint-sized room into a primary bedroom fit for a king:

10 Tips To Make Your Rental Feel Like a Home

Just because you don’t own the place doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like home sweet home. From the home decor experts at Fashion Furniture, here are some tips on making your rental feel like a home:

Optimizing Your Small Room

From the home decor pros at Fashion Furniture, here are some tried and true ways to maximize a small room with big designs: Built-in Drawers & Shelving Make use of wall space with built-in storage such as drawers, which can be used to store miscellaneous items that you want hidden from view. For other things…

Can Interior Design Affect Your Mood?

As the fashion designer and businesswoman Coco Chanel once said, “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” When we think of interior design, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the aesthetics. But going beyond the visual aspect, a home also carries an energy that can affect your inner self, which…

Best Indoor Plants for Clean Air

Besides adding a lush and verdant aesthetic to your home, indoor plants can also improve air quality. In fact, according to a 1989 research study by NASA, certain indoor plants can actually reduce airborne toxins that are commonly found in building materials and cleaners such as formaldehyde and benzene, plus allergens like pet dander and…

How to De-clutter Your Space for a Fresh Start in 2019

A messy and chaotic environment has a heavy energy that can be draining on your mental and emotional health. When people that have too much stuff, they often feel overwhelmed when they walk into their home. If you let too many things accumulate in drawers, closets, and garages, you could fall into a trap that…

Simple Tips For Decorating Your Small Apartment For Christmas

If you’re struggling on how to incorporate your love for all things Christmas into your small apartment space, we’ve got the perfect guide for you! From simple twinkle lights to colorful ornaments, these ideas will have you busting out the eggnog and signing Christmas carols in no time!