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Settling Into A Work From Home Routine

Establishing a new work from home routine can be a challenge, especially when shifting your work environment came so suddenly. It can feel a little overwhelming as you try to figure out how to set up your new workstation, how to keep connections alive, and try to avoid burnout all at the same time. As the Fashion Furniture team shifts to remote life, we know that this is the best way to keep our customers, ourselves, and our community safe. Here are some tips that have worked for our team and we hope they work for you as you settle into working from home:

Stick to a routine 

It may be tempting to roll out of bed right before your workday begins, but it will stunt your productivity in the long-run. Get up early (resist hitting that snooze button), shower, and enjoy some coffee and breakfast before you dive into work. Keeping a routine will help maintain some sense of normalcy during this un-normal time. 


Dress the Part 

Your cat may be your only coworker these days, however, you should still dress like you’re heading into the office: throwing on a pair of jeans and a nice top will help you get in the working mindset and set clear boundaries between work-time and lounge-time and will keep you productive throughout the day. 


Set Up A Designated Work Space 

Even if you don’t have a home office you can still dedicate a small area of your home for work, such as one end of your dining room table. Pick a spot with good light and a sturdy, comfortable chair. Creating a specific area for work will help keep the lines between work and relaxation clear–leave the sofa for wine and Netflix! 


Take Breaks

Working from home doesn’t mean you should be working non-stop all day. While you may find you’re more productive with less in-office distractions, it’s still vitally important to give yourself breaks throughout the day to avoid burnout. 

Many WFH pros suggest using the Pomodoro technique which breaks up your workday into smaller, manageable chunks of time so you work with the time you have, rather than against it. To use the Pomodoro Technique, break up your workday into 25-minute chunks separate by short 5-minute breaks–these timeframes are called Pomodoros. After four Pomodoros, you take a longer 15-20 minute break. For more information and a full review on this technique, check out this article on The Muse 


Get Fresh Air

Get outside and take a walk (while still practicing social distancing), sit outside on your patio, soak up some sunshine! Vitamin D is key for your health, especially while we are spending so much time inside! Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin. It helps combat depression, boosts your immune system, and decreases the chance of illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. Additionally, getting regular exercise also boosts your immune system and helps with your mental health–something that is critically important during this time. 


Know When to Turn Work Off

When the workday is done, turn off your computer and close your email. Try not to answer work-related messages and calls when you’re off the clock (barring anything urgent, of course). Turning off your work brain will further establish those crucial boundaries between working and your regular life, and keep you from working 24/7. 


Connect With Others Any Way You Can

Use technology to your advantage! Explore video conference calls (we love Zoom!) to have meetings and see your coworkers in person (check out some fun Zoom backgrounds here!) Set up a Slack channel to share fun GIFs, photos, stories, etc to keep up office morale. Zoom is also a great option to set up virtual happy hours with friends and family or use FaceTime to do check-ins with loved ones. Looking for a way to connect without relying on tech? Send some old-fashioned snail mail to spread some happiness. 


We hope you and your family are safe during this time. Fashion Furniture Rental is still delivering furniture and assisting customers–we are here for you! If you need furniture (especially if you need a new work from home set-up), please contact our team and we will be happy to help!

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