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Why Having the Perfect Couch Leads to More Quality Family Time

Although you may not have considered it, the perfect couch is an important element in your quest for more quality family time. Especially since you probably spend a lot of your time working—and your kids spend time at school and pursuing activities—you all need a central spot in the house that belongs to everyone. The couch is the heart of that spot. Here are some reasons why the perfect couch is so important for family time, along with some tips for finding that perfect couch, and creating that family time space.

The Neutral Zone

The living room is one of the few places in the home that’s a neutral, inclusive zone. Everyone spends time there, and everyone has a claim to that space. This is always great when times are easy and what you’re doing is fun, but it’s even more important when it’s time for a serious talk or some emotional bonding time. The couch is the epicenter of the neutral zone in your home, where everyone can be part of the conversation.

Family-friendly Activities

Think about all of the best family-friendly things you and your kids love to do. Game night? Playing video games? Watching movies? Cuddling with your family’s pets? Just hanging around and laughing? Aside from things that you do outside, most of the best family-friendly activities take place on your couch in your living room. Make sure your couch is up to all of them, with enough space and comfort for everyone, from the head of the household to the family dog and cat.

Special Occasions

When you recall some of your family’s special occasions, your couch probably played an important supporting role, even if you didn’t think about it at the time! Each year opening gifts next to the tree, meeting someone’s new boyfriend or girlfriend, and sitting together after a family meal during the holidays all center around the family couch.

Searching for the Perfect Family-friendly Couch

If you’re ready to find a new couch for your living room, consider the importance of this family-friendly space as you shop, and follow these handy tips:

  • Know your space. Measure the space where the couch will go. You may think you know it like the back of your hand, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to eyeball something like a couch.
  • Know your needs. The perfect family-friendly couch needs to have enough room for your family, of course. It also should meet your needs right now. For example, if you’re in the baby stage, you need fabrics that stand up to stains and a style that doesn’t have sharp corners. If you don’t want to commit to just one style, couch rental is a great option; as your family grows, you can change the look of the living room.
  • Know your budget. This is an all-important factor in your family-friendly couch search. Save time and money with couch rental, and you’ll end up with lower costs, furniture you love, and a team who brings it over (and takes it away when you’re finished!).
  • Know your fabrics. Avoid fabrics with a pile, such as wool, chenille, and velvet, because they are pet hair magnets, and they’re high maintenance. Delicate fabrics like silk are unwise for families, too, and lighter colors are riskier. Basic, not brushed, twill is inexpensive and attractive, a great family-friendly fabric. If you’ve got removable covers, it’s even easier to maintain, because you can pop the twill covers right into the washer and dryer to get rid of everything from pet hair to preschooler prints.

Family-friendly Couch Rental

At Fashion Furniture, we are family-friendly couch rental experts, because we are a family business. Come discover which of our couches can be the heart of your new family space.

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