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How to Make Your Home Look Like You Hired an Interior Designer

Guest Authored by Ashley Lipman

A home is not just four walls you sleep and live in; it’s your comfort zone, your place for relaxation, and where some of the most intimate moments happen. When you don’t feel safe or comfortable in your home, it can increase your chances of developing emotional issues. 

This is why furniture, photos of people we love, and decorations are essential in a home. When you have a place to come back to that makes you feel good, your mood is better, and you’ll be more relaxed. 

Your home should be a place you’re proud of and want to invite others to. We’re going to give you some tips on how to make your home look and feel like a professional designed it.

Custom Cabinets 

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s natural to want to make it functional and unique. Staying organized at home helps create a calm environment for all, and cabinets with the features you want are where to start. 

Many times home development stores have generic cabinets that don’t fit your space, or you can’t find the right ones. It’s essential to choose the kitchen cabinets that are the right choice for you and your home, states the experts at RTA kitchen cabinets

Looking into custom ones will give you the power to choose the material, dimensions, styles, color, and hardware. You’ll work one on one with a designer to get the correct look you’re going for. They’ll be so perfect in your kitchen that when you have guests over, they’ll think an interior designer created your space. Get tips and a checklist guide for remodeling your kitchen from Rocket Homes.

Use of Color on Walls 

Many people go for a white, beige, or grey wall color, which can create a beautiful space. However, if you want to stand out among other interior designs, you should be bold with your color choices. They influence our moods and can completely change a space. 

Designers love to use accent walls to add a pop of color, but not overpower a room. Choose a focal area and paint it something unique, or find an exciting wallpaper design. 

Your friends will think that someone came to your home to remodel because it’s such a fantastic looking focal point. Impress your guests by letting them know you’re behind the design.


Consider the Lighting 

Lighting a room will set the mood, and it’s an important feature often overlooked. You don’t want something super bright like a hospital, but you also don’t want something too dim that it’s hard to see once the sun goes down. 

Find a happy medium that works well with your room. Have a combination of overhead lighting, floor lamps, and detail lighting. This way, you can have as much or little as you want. 

Professionals always see spaces as a way to add a dramatic look. Make the lamps around your home focal points and not afterthoughts for that polished feel. 

Thoughtful Decorations 

When it comes to playing up a room, you should be thoughtful of where you place decorations and what you choose to use. These are the finishing touches but will give a room that edge above other spaces. 

Think about the different textures you can add to a space. On a table, you can have a snake plant, with its sharp-pointed leaves and a rounded softer pot. 

At the other end of the room, you can mimic these textures with a triangular mirror and rounded hanging lights. The opposing shapes will become coherent and make sense together. 

Place more prominent items in open spaces and smaller trinkets on little tables and shelves. Make sure everything is proportional, so nothing feels too empty or crowded. Taking the time to visualize what you want to add to space will have your rooms looking professional. 

The Bottom Line

We don’t all have the budget for hiring an interior designer, but we still want a space that looks and feels comfortable. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and we all deserve to live in a place we’re proud of. 

You can create rooms that are professional looking by adding custom cabinets, using bold colors on the walls, be considerate with lighting, and thoughtful with your decorations. Little by little, you’ll have a home that looks like it could be on the front page of a homeowner’s magazine. 


About Ashley: 

Ashley Lipman
Content marketing specialist
Ashley Lipman is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion for providing knowledge to readers worldwide on topics closest to her heart – home improvement. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches!

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