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Lease or Finance Furniture in Dallas?

Dallas-Fort Worth is easily one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the U.S. Over one hundred thousand people have moved here in the last decade and it has continued to grow even during the pandemic. One reason this city is such a popular choice for young professionals and families alike is its affordability. That being said, costs associated with moving are something to be considered and if you’re moving here you might be asking yourself: Is it better to lease or finance furniture in Dallas? Let’s take a closer look at the two options.

Key things to know when you finance furniture

When you finance furniture you are essentially getting a loan to purchase your furnishings. Depending on the terms you may pay high interest rates for that loan. This option will likely affect your credit score so be aware of this before you sign.

With the finance option you won’t be able to back out if you change your mind.  Have you thought about what you’ll do if you decide in two months time that the couch you bought really isn’t your style or doesn’t match the rest of your decor? You’re locked in to your decision when you purchase and you’ll have to pay for it or try to recoup some of your costs by reselling the furniture.

The next time you move with your financed furniture you’ll be responsible for moving it to your next location, whether you’re going across the street or across the country. For anyone that moves often in search of their forever home, this amounts to a great amount of stress and expense.

You may have to shop several stores to find the right pieces of furniture to purchase for your home. In the end that could mean financing with several different companies and juggling several monthly payments. On the other hand, you could limit your payments by only purchasing the essentials but that could mean forgoing furnishings that you really want.

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Key things to know when you lease furniture

The main difference between financing and leasing furniture is ownership. When you lease furniture you do not own it and that makes it a much more flexible option than financing. It’s flexible in that you choose how long you want to keep the furniture. It’s also an easy switch should you decide that you want the brown couch instead of the gray one after it arrives.

Leasing furniture is subscription based using your current forms of payment. You won’t be opening a new revolving line of credit  or a loan so it won’t affect your credit in the same way. At Fashion Furniture Rental we conduct a routine soft credit check and then you’re good to go.

One of the best benefits of leasing furniture is that you can rent furniture and housewares for every room in your home. You won’t have to go without anything you want or need. From bed frames, sofas, and dining sets to rugs, lamps and art, you can furnish your whole place with a single company. Fashion Furniture Rental operates locally out of Dallas and we care about serving this community with fast friendly service and a wide variety of rental options including whole home packages.

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Should you choose leasing furniture over financing?

As more and more people are moving to Dallas for a temporary move or setting down roots, furniture leasing is becoming the best choice for those who want flexible options of ownership, easy monthly payments that won’t break the bank, and a streamlined moving and delivery process. Contact Fashion Furniture Rental or visit our online shop today to explore this option for you.

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