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Tips for Finding an Apartment After College

You did it. After four years (or maybe five or six, no judgements here) you graduated from college! Goodbye all night study sessions, finals, and term papers. It also means the end of your student apartment.

One of the biggest transitions you’ll have to make post-college is getting your own real world apartment. With more than 100 colleges and universities in LA County alone, this is a challenge that many Angelinos face. If you’re in the middle of finding your first apartment, keep this list close by!

Write Out Your Wish List

What do you want in an apartment? What amenities do you absolutely need, and what can you live without? If you have a car, will you need a garage, or are you cool with parking on the street? Keep in mind that parking in LA can be dicey (think resident permits, street sweeping, parking restrictions) so make sure this won’t be an issue when you decide on a new pad. If your ideal roommate meows or barks, make sure to keep pet friendly rentals in mind.

Set Your Budget

Know this before you start looking at apartments. Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding your dream place and realizing you can’t afford it. Don’t forget, budgets include more than just rent—you’ll be responsible for the electricity and gas, cable TV and Internet. More often than not, water is included in rent, but it’s not a bad idea to factor that expense into your budget as well. Your budget will also help determine what LA neighborhood you can afford.

Roommates vs Living Solo

Decide if you want to with find roommates or strike it out on your own. While living alone guarantees more privacy and all control over the apartment décor, it also limits your budget. Sharing a place with roommates may allow you to stretch your dollar since you’ll be paying for a fraction of a house or apartment, plus splitting all bills. It may also help you acclimate to post-college life easier if you have a buddy or two. Weigh out the pros and cons.

Buy or Rent Furniture

With a new apartment comes new furniture. Will you buy or rent? While running to the store to pick out a new sofa or table is tempting, chances are you’ll be on a limited budget, and it’s also likely you’ll be moving every year (roommates move out, rent goes up, you know the drill). Who wants to lug an apartment’s worth of  sub-par furniture through the streets of LA? Consider renting furniture instead! With furniture rental, you’ll get everything you need in one neat and convenient package, from your living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, to linens and kitchen supplies. No moving required! Questions about renting furniture? Contact our Customer Care team:

Ready, set, find your perfect apartment!

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