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Home Interior Design Trends in 2022

As we come out of a two year period of primarily living and working from home, people are re-thinking what home means to them and how they want to feel when they are at home. We’re seeing a more conscious and intentional approach to designing spaces that are functional and also provide an atmosphere that honors the unique needs of the people inside. Here are the top home interior design trends that have caught our attention.

Home Interior Design Trends for 2022

Dual Purpose Rooms

One of the best ways to maximize use of space is to utilize one room for two separate functions. A bedroom can serve as an office during the day or a living room can function as a dining room with the addition of table and chairs. Divide your room physically with partitions or create separation with organizational shelves and furniture. Some classic dual purpose rooms you can incorporate:

  • bedroom/office
  • kitchen/office
  • living/bedroom
  • kitchen/laundry
  • playroom/guest room
home interior design trends

Bringing the Outdoors In

This home interior design trend is perfect for people who aren’t quite ready to be out in the world mingling with people but still want to feel connected to things that remind you of being out in the world. Think plants, plants, and more plants! They are good for improving indoor air quality, and give you something to care for besides yourself. It’s a win win for your physical and mental health.

Add even more outdoor touches by choosing furniture made with natural materials like wood or  concrete and natural fabrics such as linen and hemp. This easily transforms your space into a relaxed and comfortable haven.

indoor plants

Minimalism (Less is More)

Forget any notions that minimalism is about deprivation or going without. According to architect John Pawson  minimalism is “defined not by what is not there, but by the rightness of what is there and by the richness with which this is experienced.” The minimalist concept of ‘less is more’ has evolved from bare walls and a single piece of furniture to rooms that intentionally serve a purpose and create a sense of well-being.

What is considered purposeful and meaningful to you may be different from another person, however there are some commonalities within this trend that are worth mentioning.

  • Furniture is scaled to the size of the room (oversized is out)
  • Neutral palettes are paired with a pop of color in throw pillows or accent chairs
  • Use of limited, well chosen materials such as concrete, glass, and wood
  • Bold and sculptural design lines

Durability and Lasting Style

Products made with good design and durable materials will last a long time. We’re seeing a move away from the ‘throw away’ consumerism of the past decade as people put more attention toward the environment and care about how the items in their home are sourced, made, and maintained. Look for hand crafted, unique items made with renewable materials.

home interior design trends

Rental Furniture

While durable and lasting furniture is what many people want, purchasing such items may not always be an option. Some people don’t have the budget and other people travel or move often therefore aren’t able to buy upfront.

For this reason we’ve seen a big growth in the rental furniture market, where people can obtain furniture for short periods of time, then pass them on to others. This is one of the home interior design trends that we expect to stick around for foreseeable future. Renting provides a sense of stability yet flexibility for furniture users. Fashion Furniture Rental offers a variety of interior design styles for all rooms in your home.

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