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How to Furnish Your Apartment on a Student Budget

It is no secret that the financial burden of college is heavy. With tuition, text books, rent, food, and various expenses running amuck, furnishing your home can seem like a task that your college budget just does not account for. Luckily there are various ways you can save your hard-earned dollars while making sure your living space is looking good, and you’re keeping your personal style intact.

College Student DIY
Making your own décor is a great way to save some dough. Simple arts and crafts can add character, homeyness, and of course, style. The greatest part is many previously owned materials can be revamped with a simple coat of paint, lights, glue, and a little creativity. Not only are these projects affordable but they are fun, providing bonding time for roommates or personal time for yourself. Pinterest is a great place to find the newest in home decor DIY and get you started on your journey.

Thrift stores, second hand stores, or websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are great places to find unique décor at affordable prices for your college student budget. Often pieces are in great condition, still have their tags, or can be easily refurbished. You never know what you are going to find, between artwork, rugs, pillows and much more. You may just get lucky! Additionally, discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, or Home Goods often carry housewares and decor at discounted prices.

Furniture Rental for College Students
Instead of worrying about finding inexpensive furniture that may not to look good or last long, consider renting furniture. You can get the utmost style in furniture and do not have to deal with the hassle of putting out the money to buy your own furniture. Minimal effort is required when renting furniture online, and with a busy student lifestyle this is very important. Rental furniture is delivered, arranged how you would like it, then taken away when you’re done—no sweat off your back! Plus, splitting the costs with your roommates makes this option very cost affordable.

While furnishing your college home may seem like a huge task, there are many cost effective alternatives to ensure comfort, style, and ease. Consider furniture rental for your college dorm or apartment. All you need is a little patience and creativity! Good luck!

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