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Explore Interior Design Trends Around the World (Infographic)

Every culture has its own unique design principles that distinguish it from the rest. From the interior design pros at Fashion Furniture Rental, here are some of our favorite globally-inspired trends in home decor:

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  • Moroccan design is a vibrant arrangement of bold, intense colors and finely detailed geometric patterns.
  • Moroccan designers love to decorate with encaustic tiles and colorful rugs.
  • The ultimate in luxury and tradition, Moroccan-style furniture is plush and intricately adorned.


  • Spanish revival combines classic Mediterranean design with African aesthetics.
  • A warm color palette is one of the hallmarks of a Spanish interior: yellows, reds, and oranges are popular shades.
  • Mediterranean style home decor creates a sense of warmth and spaciousness with textured walls such as exposed brick or seamless tiled floors.


  • Scandinavian chic is characterized by hygge (cozy and comfy) and lykke (just enough), which combines minimalism with comfort and function.
  • The Scandinavian aesthetic uses neutral tones with pastel accents such as yellow, baby blue, and blush pinks for pops of color.
  • Scandinavians love nature and incorporate earthy elements like exposed wooden flooring, wooden accents, and houseplants in their home decor.


  • The French design aesthetic brings Parisian glamour to a room with gold accents in the decor and a crystal chandelier as a statement piece.
  • French home design promotes a warm and romantic atmosphere with classic decorations such as a bouquet of fresh flowers and other natural elements.
  • For an elegant and inviting room, French interior designers like to use muted pastels such as blush pinks, light blue, and soft sage green.


  • Classic Japanese design is deeply associated with ancient Zen philosophy, which supports the concepts of a minimalist aesthetic.
  • Japanese designers like to create a sense of balance and tranquility by incorporating house plants into home decor.
  • Another trend is paper-covered shogi screens with beautiful landscapes, which can add a Japanese flair to a room while also allowing for privacy and flexibility.


  • Simplicity is a fundamental design principle in China because it helps maintain a sense of peace and harmony in the home.
  • In Chinese home decor, highly prized statement pieces are placed throughout a room, including wall hangings featuring calligraphy with a landscape and cherry-blossom paintings.


  • Dark wood furniture, natural hues, and home decor with animal skins are the hallmarks of African-inspired interior design.
  • Look for eye-catching details like animal-print rugs, wooden tribal masks, and other decorative items that celebrate African indigenous cultures.


  • Indian interior design goes big and bold with textiles that have intricate patterns and vibrant colors such as deep red, bold purple, and mustard yellow.
  • Exotic wood such as ebony, rosewood, and teak is a trademark of classic Indian design. For an authentic looking style, you can also incorporate statues from different religions and other collectables that represent Indian culture.

Stay tuned for more design tips from the Fashion Furniture blog, your source for the latest trends in interior design.

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