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You Shouldn’t Wear White After Labor Day, But Why Not Decorate With White Decor?

Those summer days where wearing white is acceptable might be waning, but white décor is always in style. No matter what your sense of style is like, decorating with white opens up endless possibilities in any kind of home. From modern all the way back to rustic, here are some great ideas for decorating in white.

Shiplap Walls

White shiplap walls give any room a rustic, open feeling. They also offer a classic nautical vibe that feels exciting, yet familiar. A far cry from plain white walls, shiplap walls are filled with texture and visual interest.

Opt for Texture

Even in a completely white room, textures can keep your eyes interested and satisfy your tactile aesthetic as well. Try chunky knits, natural fibers, multiple textured linens, white paint on bricks, and other ways to experiment with interesting textures.

Dreamy White Bedroom

Crisp white linens are ideal for creating your dreamy white bedroom. Set this crispness off with fluffy, cloud-like white comforters in down, and celebrate seasons with accents of colors for when you’re eager for a change.

White and Bright

If you’re a fan of bright colors, white is your friend! Set off a bright turquoise accent wall with a bright white bed, or a richly-hued velvet or suede sofa with a white wall. Using white intelligently can mean adding just enough to get the effect you’re looking for.

Lap of Luxury

Have you ever noticed how many spas feature totally white relaxation areas? A totally white room can feel like an oasis for one. To achieve this effect, be ready to rid the room in question of all clutter, and eliminate unnecessary design elements. Your goal should be to create a space for total relaxation, devoid of distractions.

Back to Basics

One of the most beautiful things about an all-white bathroom is its clean look and naturally simple looking design. Opt for classic basics: off-white, bright white, Navajo white, or vanilla walls and cabinets, with simple ceramic or glass tile. Next, add neutral tones and textures with fixtures and accessories, such as oil-rubbed bronze faucets and pulls, marble countertops in warm tones, and light wood or reed Roman blinds.

From Sterile to Stunning

If you’re worried about a stark white space in your home feeling too sterile or unfriendly, don’t. There are countless ways to turn sterile into stunning, and maintain warmth and a personal touch. Use soft, interesting textures, vintage décor, and repurposed items to lend a sense of yourself to every room.

Choosing the Right Finish

A final note about decorating with white involves the finish of your white paint. Satin finish white paint is highly durable and stands up to more traffic than eggshell finish, although heavy cleaning processes can cause satin finish walls to lose their gloss. Eggshell finish is closer to a matte look, but shouldn’t be used in high-traffic areas, or where young children might be leaving their mark. If you know you’re decorating in a trouble spot, semi-gloss may be your safest choice.

We hope these tips will help you get started on your new look!

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