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How to De-clutter Your Space for a Fresh Start in 2019

A messy and chaotic environment has a heavy energy that can be draining on your mental and emotional health. When people that have too much stuff, they often feel overwhelmed when they walk into their home. If you let too many things accumulate in drawers, closets, and garages, you could fall into a trap that makes you a slave to your possessions. For a harmonious domestic life, it should actually be the opposite. Your belongings should enhance your life instead of being yet another thing you have to manage and store somewhere.

A minimalist approach to life can truly set you free because it helps you create a simple, happy, and stress-free home life. From the home decor experts at Fashion Furniture Rental, here are some de-cluttering tips for bringing peace and harmony into your home.


Organize and De-clutter Your Space

Organization expert Marie Kondo of the Netflix series Tidying Up, recommends emptying your drawers and closets and placing everything in a large pile. Each pile should be its own category such as clothing and accessories, office papers, art supplies, etc. Try starting with items that are easy to make decisions about, such as things that you use every day. As you go through each piece, ask yourself if it’s important to you. Does it spark joy? Is it practical and useful for your daily life?

As you go through this organization process, it might bring up memories from your past, which can be an emotional experience. If you come across clothing or other belongings that you feel conflicted about, take a deep breath and refresh the energy by opening a window and lighting a candle. Clearing the clutter isn’t always easy, but the life-changing results of your home overhaul will be well worth the effort.

Stock Your Closet with Wardrobe Staples

Cleaning out your closet is the perfect time to take inventory of everything you have and everything you still need. Wendy Mak, the author of The Capsule Wardrobe, recommends keeping track of what you have and what you need on your next shopping trip. A checklist of clothing basics, your wardrobe should include different types of pants and bottoms, tank tops and blouses; sweaters and blazers, casual and dressy outerwear; plus coordinating shoes, bags, and other accessories.

When you pare down your closet to the basics, it gives you the freedom to look and feel good with less, the secret to a minimalist lifestyle. As Mak explains, “Dressing every day doesn’t have to be a chore…If you know what to look for, you’ll be able to open the door to your closet and confidently say, ‘I know exactly what I am going to wear today, and I love it!’”

Use Furniture as Extra Storage

Now that your home has been de-cluttered and organized, you must face the challenge of finding room for all of your essential items. For living room items like books, magazines, and decorative knickknacks, wall shelving serves as both an attractive display and extra storage for things that shouldn’t be hidden away in a junk drawer or closet.

Dual-purpose furniture can also provide additional storage while giving your home a cozy and inviting vibe. Ottomans are ideal for storing extra blankets, board games, and other living room must-haves within arm’s reach; it also gives you an extra footrest for the couch. In the bedroom, you could also store extra blankets and linens in the trunk of a cushioned bench; it easily fits at the end of the bed without taking up that much space.

How to Organize Papers

Mail can pile up quickly and when it does, it can make tables and counters look cluttered and messy. To successfully tackle the daily influx of papers, keep your office organized with a simple system. Simply create three files: one for papers that need immediate attention, ones that you need to keep for later use, and miscellaneous, which can be filed with your collection of important documents.

A creative and fun way to organize your papers is with decorative boxes or file folders. If you have a spacious walk-in closet, you could stack the boxes artfully on a shelf; that way it will look stylish while also helping you to simplify your life through neat and tidy organization.

This year, transform your space into a peaceful sanctuary with tidying techniques from the organization and home decor experts.


Contact Fashion Furniture Rentals for all of your furniture and organizational needs!



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