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Customer Service


Fashion Furniture Rental offers a Customer Protection Program (CPP) to cover damage that might occur to the furniture. during your lease term. The program cost is equal to 12% of your monthly rental rate.

Our CPP protects you against the following:

  • Accidental customer damage
  • Earthquake, fire, water, and other natural disasters
  • Food and beverage stains

CPP does NOT protect against charges for pet damage, lost or stolen property, bed bugs, smoke and burns, and malicious damage. While homeowner’s and renter’s insurance covers damages that occur due to earthquake, fire, water, and other natural disasters, most policies will not cover accidental damage, such as food and beverage stains on rental furniture. This leaves you liable for damages caused during your rental and you will be charged the 18-times the replacement value for any pieces deemed un-rentable upon return to the Distribution Center.

Here’s an example that illustrates the value of our CPP:

  • 3 Month Term Monthly Rental Rate: $275.00
  • 12% Customer Protection Program: $33 per month
  • On the entire lease, you will pay $99 in CPP payments.

Assume you spill a glass of wine on your sofa. If not for the CPP, you would be responsible for the replacement cost of the sofa which, on average, can run over $800.00. Simply put, it transfers the responsibility for damages from the customer to Fashion.

Have questions? Please contact Customer Care at 888-838-9125