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Create the Perfect Office Space with These 6 Tips

Updated June 24th, 2020

In the time of COVID-19, the majority of professionals are telecommuting for the foreseeable future (maybe even the rest the year), which means that our home needs to work double duty as a sanctuary and workspace. Your office design should be chosen carefully in order to support optimal productivity throughout the day. Our interior design experts at Fashion Furniture gathered some tips for maximizing your office space to make it the perfect home office, including our own Work From Home (WFH) Packages that are available to rent if you’re looking for a temporary solution: 


According to researchers, natural lighting is considered the best choice for a productive workspace. In fact, a study from Cornell University found that natural lighting reduced the eye strain and headaches of office workers by 84 percent. As Professor Alan Hedge explains: “…Optimizing the amount of natural light in an office significantly improves health and wellness among workers, leading to gains in productivity.” Based on these findings, we recommend positioning your desk or worktable next to a sunny window.

If you can’t find office space near a natural source of light, you can add an additional table lamp and/or an overhead lamp to your desk, depending on the type of work you do. This practical lighting combo is a must-have for those that get bursts of creativity at night and need lots of light. Fashion Furniture knows the importance of good lighting, which is why each Work From Home Furniture Package comes with a stylish table lamp. 

Accent Walls

When you design your office space with accent walls, it will help separate and distinguish the area, which is especially important for staying organized and on task. It also makes the room look more spacious and expansive when you incorporate bold, defined lines.

Interior designer Kelly McGrath likes to use wallpaper for an accent wall. Try an eye-catching wallpaper for a daring statement, or light neutrals for a more understated effect. She also recommends chalk paint on a wall, which can be a useful way to brainstorm ideas or to just have fun doodling and get your creative juices flowing. You can also add a layer of corkboard to the wall, which will allow you to easily put up pictures and other forms of inspiration with pushpins. When you surround yourself with things that inspire you, it will be another boost to your creativity and workflow.

A Comfortable & Ergonomic Desk Chair

If you work from a home office, chances are that you sit for extended periods of time at a desk or worktable. Do yourself and your back a favor and invest in a chair that is comfortable and good for your body. An irritating backache can disrupt your productivity (and keep you from working if it’s serious), so don’t sacrifice support when it comes to choosing the best desk chair. Look for an adjustable ergonomic chair, which is designed to provide a balanced amount of support and comfort for a range of body types. You can find a range of ergonomic chairs at different price points at any office supply store. If aesthetics is more important for your office, opt for a plush, upholstered chair which will add an extra layer of comfort and style to the overall decor. Before you go shopping, make sure to measure the height of your desk so you can avoid picking a chair that sits too high or low. Rather rent? Each WFH furniture package from Fashion Furniture comes with a sturdy (and stylish!) chair for your home office. 

Pick the Right Location

If you’re the type of worker that thrives in a bustle of activity, then a central, open area in your living room is the ideal spot for a home office. Conversely, if you require a quiet office space and are easily distracted, you’ll probably be more productive in a secluded room, which can be turned into an office tucked away from the noise and chaos of your home.  Take your time to try out different spots in the house to see which one works best.

Stay Organized with Shelving

Nothing is worse for productivity than an office space full of clutter, which will only distract you from the task at hand. One simple way to combat this problem is by incorporating wall shelving into your office design. Open shelving is a practical choice because it allows you to see where everything is stored and help you stay on top of organizing. You’ll have easy and convenient access to all your work essentials, including books, reference materials, magazines, and other resources. Make sure to go through your items on a regular basis and get rid of anything you no longer need to maximize the space of your shelving. For even more storage space, look for functional two-in-one furniture pieces like benches and chairs with built-in storage. It can also provide additional seating which will come in handy if your work requires regular meetings with clients and other business associates.

Be Eco-friendly

Incorporating environment-friendly practices can cut your expenses and reduce clutter while also being kind to the Earth. For instance, instead of using paper items like planners and notebooks, try switching to digital whenever possible, which will also free up more space on your desk. When you do use paper, make sure to reuse and recycle as much as possible. You can also use energy-saving light bulbs and power strips throughout your office. You can also weather seal your windows to help save on your power bill.

When you’re ready to move in furniture for your home office, look no further than Fashion Furniture’s stylish Work From Home Packages. With options curated by our in-house design team, you’ll have a beautiful home office set-up in no time! 

Stay tuned for more interior design tips from the Fashion Furniture blog, your source for the latest trends in interior design, and for all of your interior design needs, contact the experts at Fashion Furniture Rental today!

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