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How to Choose a Furniture Rental Company


It goes without saying when you choose a furniture rental company you are looking for beautiful, high-end furniture at the right price for your budget. However, one of the most overlooked factors in the furniture rental business is service—and that’s one of the best features that Fashion Furniture offers its customers. In this post, we’re going to touch on some of the awesome customer service features that set Fashion Furniture apart from everyone else.


Clean, sanitized, and safe

One of the biggest reasons some people are leery of renting furniture is that they are worried about something other people have used being in their home. Fashion Furniture eliminates this factor in several ways. All furniture from Fashion is cleaned and sanitized upon its return to our warehouses. By the time we’re finished with this process, it is far cleaner than anything you’d see or use in an upscale hotel.

At Fashion, we also eliminate what is probably the biggest public health concern linked to furniture: bed bugs. We treat all of our merchandise preemptively for bed bugs, to arrest the problem before it ever starts. This is by far the best way since prevention is far more effective than trying to get rid of bed bugs. We take a proactive approach to ensure that we provide only safe, sanitary products for our customers.


Quality control

One of the best features you’ll find at Fashion Furniture Rental is something you may not notice right away because you will never see anything that doesn’t get past our quality control team. Our crew is highly trained in furniture repair and conducts quality control checks every time a piece of furniture comes into our warehouses.

The result is a seamless experience for our renters, who receive great looking, undamaged furniture every time; what makes it possible is the quality control that happens behind the scenes. This is one of our biggest strengths and something you won’t find elsewhere.


The convenience factor

A new generation of millennial consumers is choosing furniture rental, and the convenience factor is a considerable force behind that choice. At Fashion Furniture Rental, we take the convenience factor to the next level.

Our team does delivery, set up, and pick up of all furniture; never worry about borrowing a truck and struggling with heavy furniture again. We also exchange pieces for customers—to achieve a better match, get a new look, or for any other reason. You’ll also love the convenience of having design professionals right here in store who can help you choose a stylish, design-savvy look.


The personal touch

Finally, choose a furniture rental company that offers you the personal touch. At Fashion Furniture Rental, you get the high-end looks you might expect from a large company with the quality service and personal attention you can only get from a small business. You won’t find yourself lost in a customer service phone tree or otherwise up a creek without help when you need assistance with your furniture when you rent from Fashion because we stand by our furniture—and our service.


Final thoughts

Choosing a furniture rental company is an important decision because you want the best look for your home and you need to be able to rely on whoever supplies the furniture for your space. At Fashion Furniture Rental, we offer convenience, clean, sanitized and safe furniture, and a high level of personal service that includes serious quality control. Come find out why so many people already trust Fashion with their homes.

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