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Checklist for Moving Out of State

Life has a way of moving us down unexpected paths toward new and exciting experiences. For many that literally means moving out of state, either for work, to be near family, or simply to improve quality of life. Big changes like this can be stressful, but with a little planning and a checklist like the one below, you can relocate with more ease and peace of mind.

We suggest you get started making preparations as soon as you make the decision to move. Here are our top tips.

1. Research your new state and city

Every state and city has its own unique qualities and you’d do well to visit in person to experience the neighborhoods before you choose the one you call home. If you’re buying you’ll want to connect with a real estate agent and if you’re renting or looking for temporary housing it’s wise to know which properties have availabilities and amenities you can live with.

If you’re unable to visit you can still view potential places to live by using apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps. You can also get lots of information about cities from their government or chamber sponsored websites. You’ll be able to learn about schools, commerce, public services, and culture.

2. Determine your cost of living

It’s valuable to know just how much living in your new state will cost each month. You can use a cost of living calculator to view potential living expenses like housing, food, clothes, utilities, gas etc. Remember too that taxes vary from state to state. A little bit of research here will help you determine what you need to live on and prevent many unexpected expenses.

3. Budget for your move

The honest truth is that moving out of state is expensive. How much money will you really need though? That will depend on how far you are going and what you are taking with you. Will you need to hire a team to move all your belongings or will you move them yourself? Do you have furniture to move or will you purchase or rent furniture in your new city?

Make a list of each of your moving options and choose the one that fits your situation best. Not all expenses are monetary either. Your time and energy are also valuable, so don’t overextend yourself. Plan ahead.

4. Make an inventory of your belongings

You may have taken a brief inventory of your belongings during the budget phase, but now it’s time to get real about what you really need. Possessions have a way of accumulating quickly and you might not realize what is hiding in your closet until you actually go through each item.

Decide what you want to keep, sell, donate, and toss. Doing this before the move may save you money and will help alleviate overwhelm during the move and after you arrive in your new home. Don’t know what you need? Check out this article with a handy list of common household items and furnishings.

5. Change your address officially

If you could wave a magic wand to update your address everywhere that would be amazing. This change of address guide from will show you how to update with the post office and other agencies including department of motor vehicles and voter registration.

You’ll still have to update your address with the companies you do business with in order to continue service. Some memberships may not be transferrable in other states so be sure to review current subscriptions and cancel what you won’t need or be able to use.

6. Turn on utilities

Days or even weeks before your move out of state you’ll want to contact the local providers to schedule start up service with electric, gas, water, and cable/internet. You may be able to choose from a variety of providers depending on where you will live. If you have signed a lease with an apartment complex, they will likely have a list of these services or schedule some of them for you. If you haven’t done so already this would be a good time to cancel your current utility services as well.

7. Pack for your move out of state

Some people begin packing weeks before a move while others wait until the last 48 hours to pack. Regardless of which group you’re in, you would do well to have some packing supplies on hand. Plan on getting several boxes, packing tape, materials to protect fragile items, and a marker to label the boxes.

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