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How to Furnish Your Apartment on a Student Budget

It is no secret that the financial burden of college is heavy. With tuition, text books, rent, food, and various expenses running amuck, furnishing your home can seem like a task that your college budget just does not account for. Luckily there are various ways you can save your hard-earned dollars while making sure your…

How to Solve Your Dorm Room Issues with Student Furniture Rental

College can be difficult to handle sometimes, kind of like your dorm room! Your corner of campus comes with many challenges, from getting stuck with the top bunk to realizing your minimalist wardrobe isn’t so minimalist. Fortunately, there’s one great solution that solves many of dorm life’s challenges: student furniture rental services!

9 Tips for Entertaining as a College Student

Having fun is just as much a part of college life as learning, not to mention how great it is for managing stress. However, you don’t want to devastate your budget just to throw a raging, all-night party that instantly ruins your reputation as a neighbor.

The 10 Things to Make Sure You Bring to College [Infographic]

You did it! You’ve graduated from high school, and now it’s time for college and life on your own. It’s exciting, so make sure you don’t forget anything important as you prepare. From a range of experts, here are the 10 things to make sure you bring to college.

Tips For A Smooth Move Out Day For Students

So, you’re finished with school for the year—or maybe for good! It’s time to move out. Moving is always somewhat of a chore, but there are ways to make your move out day smoother and easier. Here are some tips for a smooth move out day for students who want to keep it simple.

How to Create the Ultimate Study Zone

It’s back to school time once again, and that means it’s time to hit the books and make time for studying. Creating the ultimate study zone will help you reach maximum productivity and stay accountable all year long. You don’t need a huge space to make your optimal study zone work. All you need are…

How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Being at college and away from home is a huge step, making your dorm room your new home is way more than just decorating. Your living conditions and surroundings play a huge role in how much you enjoy your college experience—and can even impact how well you do. When you’re faced with exams, massive research…

Who Rents Furniture (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered who rents furniture? Some of the answers may surprise you! Here are some of the people who rent furniture in the U.S.:

Students – Is Furniture Rental the Right Choice for You?

The move from a college dorm to your very own off-campus is an exciting time. Getting out of the dorms means more privacy (hello single room!), no more sharing the bathroom with an entire floor, and quiet hours and that pesky RA are a thing of the past. While the positives of being dorm-free pile…

Tips for Finding an Apartment After College

You did it. After four years (or maybe five or six, no judgements here) you graduated from college! Goodbye all night study sessions, finals, and term papers. It also means the end of your student apartment. One of the biggest transitions you’ll have to make post-college is getting your own real world apartment. With more than…