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Fashion Furniture Rental has several lines of defense in order to ensure that we are well-equipped and trained to eliminate the risk of bed bug exposure to our furnishings. Our preventative safeguards include:


Every employee at Fashion Furniture Rental, from our Billing Department to our Warehouse and Delivery teams, is trained on our bed bug protocol.

Quality Control:

All furniture and housewares that return from a rental are inspected for damage, particularly for bodily fluids and bed bugs. Items that meet our quality standards move to our sterilization and sanitation department. Items that fail inspection are immediately removed and quarantined.


Fashion Furniture Rental doesn’t settle for simply “clean”. We sanitize and sterilize all mattress sets with a state-approved solution that not only kills bacteria and fungus, but also kills lice, fleas, ticks, and bed bugs. In addition, all mattress sets, headboards, and frames are “baked” in our bed bug oven before re-entering our inventory. Studies have shown that the most effective treatment of bed bugs and their eggs is exposing them to extreme heat for an extended period of time.


At time of delivery, the team inspects the empty home to ensure we are not delivering to a contaminated area. At exchanges and pick-ups, every mattress and bed set is examined for bed bugs, fleas, bodily fluids, and any other possible damage.


In the event that bed bugs are found at the time of pick-up, the scheduled service is cancelled, and the Distribution Manager is alerted. The customer is notified and a second inspection is scheduled with our Quality Assurance team. Upon confirmation of bed bugs, a quarantine truck is arranged and the contaminated furniture and housewares are picked up and sent for heat exposure in our bed bug oven. Once treatment is completed, furniture and housewares are examined and classified as rentable, where it is cleaned and transferred back into our inventory. If items are deemed un-rentable, they are destroyed.

For more information about our treatment process, please call Customer Care at 888-838-9128