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9 Tips To Use When Decorating On a Budget

With a little creativity and basic design principles, you can effortlessly transform your home into a space that is not only stylish, but also perfect for your lifestyle. From the interior design pros at Fashion Furniture Rental, here are the top tips for inexpensive and effective home decor that anyone can afford: 

Revamp Used Furniture

For the best deals on furniture, try scoping out ads on Craigslist or going to estate sales or flea markets on the weekend. At first sight, used furniture might look a little rough around the edges, but you can easily give it new life with a fresh coat of paint or wood stain. Interior designer Carol Thomas goes even further by upgrading furniture with new surfaces: “Get a piece of marble, glass or granite cut down to size and put it on top of a dresser, for example. The piece you buy will become an original all over again.”

You can also update used shelves with a fresh coat of paint and brightly patterned contact paper applied to the back. If you come across a beat up lampshade, it would only cost $20 or less to reupholster it with a beautifully patterned fabric that makes a dramatic statement.

Budget-friendly Artwork 

Whether it’s a collection of wall hangings, paintings, or framed photos, decorating the walls of your home adds warmth and style to any room. It also doesn’t require a large amount of money when you follow a few expert tips.

Interior designer Meg Braff suggests giving your home a glam, upscale gallery look with minimal investment: “Choose affordable art from reasonably priced online sites like Easy Art or 20×200. And for maximum impact, hang artwork in a group rather than scattering it around a room.” This is especially true if you own a collection of small framed photos, paintings, or wall hangings. We advise filling a white or neutral colored wall with either large-scale artwork or a large amount of small pieces grouped together, which will make the room look more expansive. 

You could also invest in oversized prints to create a striking accent wall. Interior designer Todd Oldham recommends enlarging a 1970s photo mural, which will create an instant visual window in a dark room. As Oldham explains, “You could try snowy Alps and/or a lake, but I also find a blown-up image of the stars at night nifty.”

Removable Wallpaper

For $100 or less, removable wallpaper in a bold pattern can brighten up a room by serving as a dramatic accent wall. If you have lots of wall space but can’t afford to cover it in artwork, wallpaper or removable decals are an inexpensive way to get the most bang for your buck. To create a cohesive look, we suggest painting an adjacent wall in a similar accent shade. If you need a little inspiration, try conducting some research to find the best design theme for your personal taste and lifestyle. This will also help you narrow down the type of pattern and colors you want for your wallpaper design.

Couch Covers & Accent Pillows 

If your couch has suffered mild to severe wear and tear over the years but you can’t afford to replace it, couch covers are an affordable solution. For $60 or less, you can instantly make a battered couch look brand new. Finish the look by splurging on luxurious oversized throw pillows made with ultra soft down feathers. You can also create texture and depth with a variety of pillows in different shapes and sizes. 

The great thing about couch covers is their durability and convenience. If you have any spills or pet hair on the couch, simply toss it into the laundry for a cover that looks brand new. If your couch is in great condition, a couch cover can also help you keep it that way by protecting it from daily wear and tear. For an extra touch of luxury and softness, we suggest draping your couch with a sheepskin rug, a stylish accent that goes with everything. 


Not only do potted plants improve the air quality and visual appeal of any room, they are also inexpensive to buy. Unlike fresh cut flowers that need replacing every week, plants will keep your home looking and feeling green and vibrant for months or years. If you’re decorating a short term vacation rental on Airbnb, you can also play it safe with faux plants and blossoms such as orchids in glass or wooden pots or artificial succulents and airplants.  

Deciding on the type of plants to buy depends on several factors. For the best results, we suggest choosing plants that are known to flourish in the local area along with hardy varieties that need little attention and care. Plants feed on water and sunshine, so if you’re decorating a dark room, you can arrange verdant greenery under a grow light, which can be purchased inexpensively at most hardware stores. Large plants such as bushy palms and peace lilies can also be placed on the floor to hide unsightly electrical outlets and freshen up the room. 

Save Money For a High Quality Statement Piece

Another way to make your home stylish and comfortable on a budget is by investing in a statement piece that not only serves as a stylish focal point of a room but also maintains resilience to long-term wear and tear. For example, a top grade couch might cost more upfront, but it will last for many years; in the long run, you’ll save more money by not having to replace such a large piece.

Pro Design Tip: When choosing large pieces such as couches, we recommend a neutral color that matches everything; that way, the couch can serve as a backdrop for bold and dramatic accents, the winning formula for style and sophistication in interior design. 

Inexpensive Shelving For Storage & Decor

If you have a medium to large library, another budget-friendly statement piece that would be worth buying is a large bookshelf. Even if you’re short on space, you can upgrade your home on a budget with inexpensive shelves that typically sell for less than $100 at most big box stores. Even better, you can create a warm and inviting space with a balanced mix of books, framed photos, and decorative knick knacks. 

Dual Purpose Furniture

When you’re on a limited budget, you may only be able to afford one or two pieces of furniture at a premium price. Get the most out of furniture by choosing pieces that have a dual purpose such as a loft bed with a built in desk underneath, a bed frame with storage, or a couch with a pull out bed. Another popular dual purpose design is an ottoman with extra storage, which can serve as a table, foot rest, and organizer for blankets, accent pillows, and other room essentials. For additional storage space in the bedroom, you can also update the room with a headboard designed with built in shelves. 

Update the Lighting 

As the interior designers at HGTV points out, “A fantastic design is pointless if you can’t see it, and lighting is a cost-effective way to transform dark, cave-like rooms into warm, inviting spaces.” Along with updating lamp shades, you can also install softer and more efficient LED bulbs into light fixtures. Accent lamps placed throughout a room can also add a touch of warmth with soft, diffused light. Look for unique pieces made with striking elements such as wood, crystals, or stained glass; small accent lights are also relatively inexpensive, usually costing under $100.

If you’re feeling adventurous and have the extra cash in your budget, try investing in affordable pendant lamps in the paper lantern style, one of the most inexpensive types of lighting available. Hanging pendant lamps or chandeliers will also create a sense of expansiveness and depth in any room.  

Try a few of these expert tips in your home decor and get ready for a stylish update that looks and feels like a professionally designed home.

Stay tuned for more expert tips from the Fashion Furniture blog, your source for the latest trends in interior design. 

For all your design needs, contact Fashion Furniture Rental today!

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