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8 Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas to Make your Dorm the Spookiest on Campus

This Halloween, impress all your college ghoulfriends with spooktacular decorations that are one-of-a-kind!


A haunted house isn’t complete without cobwebs in every corner. Seriously, put this stuff everywhere and by stuff, we’re referring to shred-able cotton sold at craft stores.

Decorative Gourds

It goes without saying, but October signals the start of decorative gourd season, so make it a festive affair with different types of pumpkins placed on tables and along entranceways. With bright colored gourds lining the pathway to your dorm, everybody will know the way to the haunted house.

Hanging Ghosts

These DIY Halloween decorations are the cutest and they’re even easier to make. Just take a piece of tissue paper, place a ball of cotton in the center of the square, and gather the paper at the base. When it resembles a tiny little ghost, secure it with a ribbon, leaving a little extra for hanging. You can string up these baby Caspers and use them as spooky garlands on staircases, shelves, doorways, or anywhere you want bootiful decorations.

Spooky Lighting

To set the mood for a spooky and magical night, a haunted dorm needs ghoulish lighting. You have lots of choices for Halloween lighting, including strobe lights for a mystical effect, string lights made with decorative pumpkins or ghosts, and much more. You could also invest in a light that projects a festive Halloween scene onto your lawn or the side of your dorm building.

Inflatable Monsters

When you’ve got giant inflatable monsters set up outside your dorm, everybody in the neighborhood will know that your place is the spookiest on the block. The trick-or-treaters are going to be showing up in droves, so make sure you’re fully prepared with lots of Halloween candy!

Sound Effects Playlist 

Along with spooky lighting and decorations, haunting sound effects are an essential detail for the complete haunted house effect. Set up a few Bluetooth speakers in strategically placed areas and play spooky sounds from a Halloween themed playlist, including howling ghosts, a lightening storm, and other scary sound effects.

DIY Graveyard

This Halloween, give your costume party guests the deadly treatment with a homemade graveyard in the living room. A fun DIY decoration, you can easily make gravestones out of Styrofoam and silver spray paint. You can also have fun with epitaphs in black permanent marker, like “I told you I was sick”; “He loved bacon,” or “Oh no.” Decorate your graveyard with fake cobwebs and little ghosts made out of tissue paper. Or make it even creepier with a zombie or two placed near the gravestones.

Witch’s Brew

Every party needs a festive bowl of punch, and on Halloween, it’s called Witch’s Brew. The only difference in this spiked fruit punch is the dry ice, which creates a smoky and bubbly effect that’s simply wicked. Decorate the punch bowl with little paper ghosts and your haunted dorm is ready for a monster mash!


Halloween only comes around once a year, so always be ready for a frightfully good time with these decoration ideas that creep it real! And, be sure to check out Fashion Furniture’s blog for many other amazing decorating tips for your dorm room!

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