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7 Clever Ways to Use Wallpaper to Elevate Your Room’s Vibe

While it may have gone out of style after the 80s, wallpaper is making a comeback in interior design and this time, designers are giving it a modern update. From the design experts at Fashion Furniture Rental, here are a few innovative ways to make wallpaper work for your unique style and vibe:

Add Color and Depth with Wallpaper in Small Spaces

If you have extra wallpaper leftover from a renovation project, you can use it to give your space a hint of character and visual interest. Try covering the back of cabinets with wallpaper, a favorite DIY project of Nancy Mitchell from Apartment Therapy: “The extra pop of pattern is sure to make you smile every time you pull out your dishes.” She also likes to add a unique, customized style to small areas like a desk, fireplace, or console and then accenting it with molding in a matching color. 

According to Lisa Batson Goldberg, an interior designer from Houzz, “Wallpaper sometimes makes the biggest impact in small or unusual spaces.” When you decorate tiny, odd-shaped spaces with wallpaper, such as a powder room, nook, or liquor cabinet, it can transform a room into a stunning space that looks like it was designed by a professional.

Wallpaper a Lampshade

Another smart way to use leftover wallpaper is by decorating a lampshade. You can easily add instant flair to a plain lampshade or revamp a damaged one. Lauren Flanagan, an interior designer at The Spruce, has an easy method for applying wallpaper to any size lampshade: “Simply cut the paper to size and apply it using a spray adhesive…Another option that is a little more subtle…is to apply wallpaper to the inside of the shade…a great little decorative touch.”

Cover a Door with Wallpaper 

One way to make a room look more spacious is by creating a striking focal point in entrance ways. With leftover wallpaper or a single roll, you can easily cover a door with a bold pattern that really pops. The great thing about wallpaper is the variety of textures, colors, finishes, and patterns that are available. When you incorporate wallpaper into your overall decor, it gives you the opportunity to express your unique style with a striking statement that makes a big impact. For the best results with this wallpaper project, do plenty of research and see what kinds of designs that you’re drawn to. 

Add Patterned Wallpaper to the Underside of a Staircase 

For an understated hint of texture and depth, you can also apply wallpaper underneath a staircase. If the room has high ceilings and lots of natural light, look for wallpapers in dark, dramatic colors and patterns, which will help balance bold-styled wallpapers. Choosing a wallpaper with a sheen can also make your space appear brighter as the light reflects off it. 

Cover Your Kitchen Backsplash in Bold Patterned Wallpaper 

If your kitchen is designed with neutral, understated colors, you can add bright, eye-catching wallpaper that expresses your personal style and also coordinates with the decor theme of the space. You also don’t have to worry about splashes or grease stains ruining the wallpaper. Simply add a layer of plexiglass to protect the wallpaper backsplash. 

Make Wallpaper a Large-scale Art Piece

If you come across a wallpaper that you absolutely love, you can make it the main feature of a room instead of a traditional backdrop. As interior designer Lisa Batson Goldberg from Houzz explains, “A feature wall is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to make a statement, using wallpaper like art. Featuring wallpaper on a single wall adds character, charm, and individuality — like an original painting would.” 

When choosing the best wallpaper for a feature wall, Lauren Flanagan from The Spruce likes to use a balanced approach: “When it comes to this use of wallpaper you can go bold or you can go subtle, just make sure that you are not competing with any other focal point in the room.” 

Designer Rita Shehan from The Spruce Crafts likes to fill empty space on walls with extra wallpaper pieces: “Take some leftover wallpaper strips and arrange them on your wall as art. Cheap, easy and fun, but oh so fashionable!” 

Wallpaper the Ceiling 

In interior design, the ceiling generally doesn’t get that much attention. In fact, most ceilings are painted a simple white and then forgotten about until a crack appears and needs to be fixed. The wonderful aspect of wallpaper on the ceiling is that it reinforces and protects the ceiling from damage while also giving your space a hint of style and depth. People don’t look up at ceilings often, so don’t underwhelm the look with an understated color or pattern. Lauren Flanagan from The Spruce recommends a wallpaper pattern that really stands out: “If you are going this route you may as well go all the way with something highly decorative or bold. Don’t waste the effort on something subtle.”


Pro Tip: Use removable wallpaper, which will allow you to change the style without damaging the wall. Many removable wallpaper brands are also reusable, giving you the opportunity to use the tiles later for decorating projects. 

Wallpaper is a classic home accent that never goes out of style, especially when you apply these unexpected elements of traditional and modern design.


Stay tuned for more expert design tips from the Fashion Furniture blog and for all of your interior design needs, contact the experts at Fashion Furniture today!

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