6 Trendy & Unexpected Ways to Get Creative with Plants

Whether your home decor is minimalist chic, mid-century modern, or an eclectic mix of complementary styles, greenery (both real and fake) placed throughout the home is an essential part of every interior designer’s checklist. With their green hues and bright colored blossoms, plants bring fresh and vibrant energy into your space. Plants can also have a therapeutic effect. In fact, according to NASA researchers in a 1989 study, plants such as the peace lily, Boston fern, snake plant, and others, can actually reduce airborne toxins and allergens.

From the design pros at Fashion Furniture Rental, here are some innovative and practical ways to incorporate plants into your overall decor: 

Save Space with Hanging Planters

Save Space with Hanging Planters

A wonderful space saver with a homespun style, macrame planters allow you to hang plants near the windows in your home, giving them the best location for natural sunlight. Available in a variety of bright colors, hanging macrame planters also don’t take up extra counter space.

For a hanging planter with a bold aesthetic, the geometrically shaped plant prism is perfect for holding air plants. For the best results, simply mist the plants a few times a week and hang near a natural light source. If you want to add a unique charm to your decor with a DIY project, try updating a plain ceramic pot with a swirl of paint, which creates an impressive marbled effect. Another space-saving idea for plants is a wall herb garden in the kitchen. Not only will fresh herbs aesthetically enhance the space, but it will also help the home cook easily add freshness to any meal. 

Bedroom Headboards: The Green Variety 

A favorite space-saving trick from the interior design experts at Brit.co is the pegboard headboard, which allows you to easily hang shelving, planters, artwork, and more.  For bedrooms that are short on square footage, having extra space above the bed can add a pleasing aesthetic as well as a practical storage area for decorative odds and ends.

Another option for incorporating greenery into the bedroom is green wall art, such as the trendy plant wall, a large scale piece that can serve as a striking headboard. Made with a variety of natural elements such as preserved moss, ferns, stones, and other organic materials, this popular wall decor style typically features plants that are real but fully preserved, giving them the convenience of the fake kind but with an authentic look and quality. Decorative plants used in artwork are preserved in a solution of glycerine, water, and stabilizers, which replaces the natural sap and helps maintain the original quality of the plants.   

Floor Plants

Floor Plants

Whatever the size of your space, floor plants help create a sense of spaciousness, especially tall varieties such as ferns, peace lilies, or palms placed behind a sofa. Tall floor plants are also perfect for concealing electrical outlets or unsightly fuse boxes in the wall. Floor plants can also be the best solution for warming up the look of a room. As Angela Belt from The Spruce explains, “A floor plant could be the missing ingredient that completes the room while bringing a new sense of freshness to the decor.” For a healthy plant that thrives indoors, she recommends placing it in a spot near a window with plenty of natural light.

Orchids for a Pop of Color 

When deciding on plants to add into your home decor, remember that there are more options than the color green. As Belt points out, “Blooming plants have all the health and aromatherapy benefits of green plants while also giving you an extra pop of color that can really set your room off.” Her go-to plant for a touch of color is the orchid, which offers a stunning aesthetic with its sculptural silhouettes and bright colors. Wherever you place them, they serve as a statement piece for any room by drawing in the eye with their wide variety of dazzling hues. 

Succulents & Cacti

Succulents & Cacti

One of the hardiest plant varieties, succulents and cacti are the perfect options for those who lack a green thumb. Both varieties are desert plants, which are well suited to thrive without much water, making them some of the most low maintenance plants to care for. Cacti and succulents also have interesting shapes, making them complementary to modern interior design styles. 

Create a Greenery Tableau

The designers at Lonny.com recommend enhancing your plants even more by creating a harmonious tableau with other decor placed nearby. For example, a large cacti floor plant can get a boost from related objects such as a cow skull and a vase of rustic twigs for an earthy charm. Or, you can also enhance a tropical style palm with coral reef decor, botanical prints on the wall, and a table lamp with island-style accents. When it comes to getting creative with plants and home design, the available options are seemingly endless.

When you incorporate greenery into your interior design, it’s an easy way to transform a house or apartment into home sweet home.


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