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How to Furnish Your Vacation Rental Home

People are returning to travel and that is good news for  vacation rental owners. How, where, and why people travel has changed significantly in the last couple of years though as this recent report indicates. You may be able to increase the success of your property by learning how to furnish your vacation rental home to meet the current needs of your guests.

7 Tips to Furnish Your Vacation Rental Home

1. Comfort is key

Comfort is key. Even though people are venturing out, they are still looking for experiences that make them feel relaxed and comfortable. Your guests may want to stay in bed a little longer or spend evenings in quiet conversation on the couch. Arrange your furniture to create cozy atmosphere and think about upgrading your bedroom linens and mattresses. Travelers are actually staying longer too, so any way you can make them feel at home is a plus.

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2. Invest in quality furniture

Invest in quality furniture. While you may be tempted to buy discount or “fast” furniture,  such items may not last long and may cost you more time and money if you need to replace them often. Keep in mind that your guests are savvy too. They can recognized if you’ve skimped on the essentials and may not be eager to give good reviews if your vacation rental home doesn’t meet their expectations.

3. Be unique and stand apart from others

Be unique and stand apart from other rental homes. While it is easier to decorate with matching furniture sets, it can make your home feel sterile and forgettable. Instead think like a designer and create your own style by layering your pieces with a variety of complementary materials, colors, shapes, and textures. You could start with a theme for the space or build the room around a piece of furniture that you love. The care you take to make your home original could translate into more bookings and the option to increase your rates.

furnish your vacation rental home

4. Make it easy to clean

Make it easy to clean. Whether you are cleaning your own vacation rental home or hiring a cleaning service, things get dirty and cleaning should always be top of mind. Purchase comforters and pillows that can be put in the washing machine. Check to make sure that your sofa can easily be spot cleaned. Opt for hard floors with area rugs instead of plush wall to wall carpeting.

5. The difference is in the details

The difference is in the details. Vacationers are staying longer in rental properties and as such they appreciate having access to the same conveniences as home. A fully stocked kitchen gives renters the option to stay in and cook. Tissues and toilet paper mean they won’t have to go to the store. Books and games will keep both adults and children occupied and content. Additionally families often travel with their pets. Having amenities for the furry ones is a plus.

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6. Outdoor space is important too

Outdoor space is important too. Guests will be attracted to your rental if the outdoor space is welcoming and useable according to the season and activities associated with them. Would outdoor dining be appealing? How about lounge chairs for sunbathing? Look for outdoor furniture that is durable and weather resistant. Do you need storage options for recreational equipment?  Be prepared for that as well.

7. Look into renting your furniture

Look into renting your furniture. There are many benefits of renting furniture to furnish your vacation rental home. Choosing this option can satisfy many of the previous points mentioned in this post. Rental furniture is known for being durable, long lasting, and easy to clean. With flexible lease terms you can rent for a season or year round and it’s easy to update your look by swapping out furniture for new pieces. Fashion Furniture Rental offers many different styles of furniture in a variety of sizes to fit a small rental condo or a large vacation home. Shop items individually or take advantage of our curated room packages.

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