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Why Renting Furniture is Better Than Buying Furniture [Infographic]

So, you’re ready to start school and prove your academic mettle. Make a totally smart move before your program even starts: rent your furniture instead of buying it.


Why Renting Furniture Is Better Than Buying Furniture


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When you buy: Getting what you want means shopping in endless stores, getting what you choose to your house, and moving it every time you get a new place—assuming you don’t get bored with what you chose or could afford. It also often means trying to put the furniture together, which takes a lot of time, patience, and sanity to spare.

When you rent: Choose the perfect look online, for a hassle free/worry free student furniture solution for you and your parents. Click the button, and the whole set shows up at your door, like a pizza, but much cooler—with complete delivery and set-up within 48 hours! You don’t have to put it together. You can even have a place to lay your head all ready for when you move in.

Time to move? Again, no problem. You don’t have to sell rental furniture when you move out, and you don’t have to store it. They take it away, too, with 6 and 9 month leases available! And if you decide to stay, you just rent it month to month. Done. Your time is valuable!


When you buy: Watch out. Even if you go as cheap as possible, it can cost $1500 and you still have to put it together. Also, if you’re a student and you don’t have a car, how will you get furniture from the store to your apartment? Do you want to pay for delivery? If you get tired of it, too bad, you blew your whole budget on Day One. (Plus, what do you do with it after you move?)

When you rent: You know the bottom line up front, and it’s inexpensive, with budgets designed to work for students—you can get a complete apartment full of furniture starting at only $99 per month! Plus, one fee includes delivery, set-up and pick-up. You get the furniture that looks nice enough for a working professional on a student budget.


When you buy: You’re contributing to the loss of resources and the carbon footprint when you buy new furniture. This goes double for each piece you leave behind and replace.

When you rent: Reduce, reuse, recycle! Renting furniture is giving the same pieces new life, reducing the amount of resources burned on furniture, and minimizing your carbon footprint.

The bottom line

Make life easy for yourself, your roommates, and your parents. Save money, time, sweat equity, and the planet by renting your furniture!

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  1. Diane Hovden

    3:12 pm

    Could I rent a recliner for 2 months?

    • Abra Landau

      8:37 am

      Hi Diane,

      Please contact our Customer Care team with any rental inquiries: 800.235.9030


  2. Furniture Limassol

    7:23 am

    Great post here at the end of it all i think everything settles with the cost involved in the whole process. And the consumer after reading this post should have better knowledge on what to do.

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