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This Summer’s Top 10 Furniture and Decor Trends [Infographic]

Looking for the top 10 furniture and décor trends for summer 2018? We’ve got you covered:

This Summer's Top 10 Furniture and Decor Trends

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Color Crazy

Summer is the right time for bright, crazy colors you’d never dare to use otherwise—and soothing pastels, too. Swap neutrals for colorful accents, and colorful flowers. Rent a bright, comfy sofa. Why commit more than a few months—it’s summertime!

Fringe Benefits

Fringe trim gives anything from rugs and blankets to picture frames and light fixtures a bohemian feel that’s perfect for summer. Look for decorative fringe in yarn, chenille, sculptural fibers, and other cool materials.

Bring It Inside

Pull the lazy days of summer inside with seashells, driftwood, plants, and river rocks transformed into clever accent pieces.

Botanical Boom

Use live plants to give a cheerful summer vibe to your place. Fabrics, upholstery, and art with botanical themes has the same effect. Take it further with wicker pieces for a shot of summer joy.

Sheer Beauty

Let that summer sunshine in. Sheer, flowy, gauzy curtains are ideal for summer, letting plenty of sun and breeze in while maintaining just enough privacy inside.

Golden Glow

Nothing says summer quite like a golden sunset. Gold home décor and furniture accents bring a warm, summery feeling to your home —but be sure to use gold accents in moderation and coordinate with colors like navy blue, white, or seafoam green.

Light It Up

Get that cookout feel with strings of lights over your dining room table, or Chinese paper lanterns in your living room.

Geometric Decor

Geometric décor with Scandinavian patterns adds colorful, bold adventure to your place and suggests summertime all year long.

Light Slipcovers

Give your furniture a new look with slipcovers in summery colors, and fabrics like canvas or linen.

Endless Summer

Now go enjoy your own endless summer with these top 10 furniture and décor trends! For more décor hacks and furniture for all seasons, visit us here at Fashion Furniture.


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