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How to Revamp Your Dining Room on a Budget

Just because you’re living on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t want to impress guests. With the right advice and some careful attention, you can revamp your dining room on a budget, and get that showroom look you’ve been after. Make sure you’re ready for your next dinner party and follow this advice on how to get a stylish dining room for less.

Rent a coordinated dining room set

Renting a dining room set can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When nothing but new furniture will work to give the space a fantastic look, remember that the furniture doesn’t need to be a lifetime commitment. Renting a coordinated dining room set selected by a designer that works within your space can give the entire room a makeover for so much less than buying new furniture. And when you’re ready for another change in the future, just call to have the set picked up! Easier and more cost-effective, too.


Strategic furniture rearrangement

Sometimes strategically rearranging the furniture in your dining room can do a lot to change how the room feels. Orient the table in a different direction, or even place it against a wall to change your perspective. Swap a buffet or china cabinet to open up a new sight line in the room. See how things look from a newly arranged set of furniture.


Accessorize for style

New accessories can give your existing dining room furniture new life. Opt for new curtains that add a splash of color or an exciting texture. An area rug can change the look of a room too, as can a wall tapestry. If you’re really looking for something unique, shop art sales, flea markets, and antique bazaars to find that single piece that sets your dining room apart. One final tip: watch design trends to see which accessories would add the most style to your dining room.


DIY dining room tips

Repaint or recover an old dining room furniture set for a completely new look. For the cost of some sandpaper and paint or some fabric and staples, you can achieve a new look with the same old dining room chairs. Find a local business to help you revamp your chairs and/or tabletop, or follow online tutorials and DIY.


Light up your dining room

A new lighting source can change the look and feel of the entire room. If your existing source of light is a single overhead light, opt for a new fixture and different wattage. Choose unique looking wall fairy lights or a hanging chandelier for a totally new style in the room. And experiment with intensity and color of light bulbs to get the mood you’re aiming for in the room.


Colorful changes

Choose an accent color for your dining room for a refreshing new look. Pull that color through cloth napkins, placemats, dishes, artwork on the walls, curtains, or even an entire accent wall. Choose a color you already love, or a trendy shade like Pantone’s color of the year to give the room maximum style.


A gorgeous dining room on a budget with Fashion Furniture

When you’re hoping to revamp your dining room but you need to stay within your budget, come visit us at Fashion Furniture. Our team of talented, design-savvy associates can help you find the perfect dining room furniture for your space. You’re going to be excited to see just how far your dollar stretches at Fashion.


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