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Home Accessories to Make Your House More Cozy

This winter, don’t just settle in for a long winter’s nap. Instead, celebrate one of the latest international trends: the Danish concept of hygge. “Hygge,” pronounced “hugga,” is like a hug for your whole body and soul; a movement toward a cozier life. Here are some great home accessories to make your house cozier so you can achieve the ultimate hygge vibe this winter.

A nice, shaggy bathmat

If you’re cozying into winter, a hot bath is probably on your agenda. There are few things as comfy and soothing as a shaggy bathmat to keep your feet from getting cold. Make sure to set your favorite pair of slippers close by to keep your feet warm post-shower.


The overstuffed chair

Nothing feels quite like sinking into a soft, overstuffed chair with a great book on a cold night. This kind of soft chair can also be imitated with more modern pieces if you’re looking for something with a contemporary look but still super comfortable.


Accents in warm tones

How your rooms look makes a tremendous difference in how cozy they feel. Create some visual comfort with accent pieces in warm colors like sunny orange or yellow, or even warm beige. Smaller pieces like pillows, a sofa throw, or a centerpiece can introduce even colors that are more adventurous into more conservative environments and still look “right.”


Friendly house plants

If you’re not cursed with a black thumb, try introducing a few houseplants into the mix. These flora friends are calming and soothing. Bonus: try an indoor herb garden and you’ll get beauty and cozy smells like rosemary, basil, oregano, and mint.


The soft curtain wall

Hang curtains across a wall to create both a soft, cozy feeling and visual interest. Check out Ikea for curtains with fun designs if you’re on a budget.

Go for upholstered furniture

Cloth upholstery adds softness and invites you to cuddle. With furniture upholstered in soft-feeling cloths, you get the structure provided by the lines of the furniture, but you soften the overall effect. Look for striking pieces to rent if you’re not ready to take a permanent leap in your home’s look, or to save money without skimping on your home space.


Create a fireplace-centered space

Make the most of the fireplace if you have one. Choose a coffee table or other surface that you can eat on in front of the fire, and circle chairs or seats around the fire, not just the television.


Low light

Nothing says cozy like candles, so make sure you have candle holders you can use in each room. Better yet, opt for glass lanterns or hurricane lamps.


Furry friends

If you have dogs or cats, add a pet bed in the cozy living room or near the fire.


Gallery Wall

Hang or display your family photos in a central place to create a homey, comfortable look.


Tying your hygge together

This can be your coziest winter yet with the right home accessories. From choosing the right colors and fabrics to adding in natural touches like candles and plants, you can achieve a lot of coziness without a huge investment. After you achieve that hygge feeling at home, you may even be a little sorry when spring rolls around again.


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    Awesome post!
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