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Making Friends In A New City

You found a new place, figured out it was better to rent furniture vs. buy it, and you’re ready to take on your new city! If you moved to a town where you don’t know a soul, you may feel a little anxious or unsure about how to make some new friends. We’ve got four tips to help combat the awkwardness and create a new friend group.

Find Your Local Dog Park

If you have a dog, seek out your neighborhood’s pooch-friendly park. Dogs are great ice breakers, plus your new friends will have the inside scoop on the dog-friendly places in town. Suggest bringing the pups on a playdate while you and your new friends grab a coffee. If you’re not comfortable striking up a conversation on your own, there are meetup groups for dog owners you can try as well.

Be A Team Player

Check out adult sports leagues in your city and join a team! Not only will stay fit and active, but you’ll also meet a new group of people and have an automatic way to bond. Additionally, signing up for a team means you will be the same people week after week, which is helpful when building new relationships. Plus, many sports teams like to head out to the bar after a game for a celebratory drink–bonus points for checking out the local watering hole.

Say Yes!

It’s so easy to tell a new acquaintance “no thanks” when they invite you out for drinks. Our first instinct in a new place is to stay cozy in the comfort of the familiar–our apartment for a good ol’ Netflix binge. Fight the urge to hibernate and say, “Heck, yes!” to that invitation. You’ll gain fun experiences, stories, and those acquaintances will eventually turn into good friends.

Be Confident…and Patient

Don’t be afraid to ask someone to grab coffee or drinks if you think they’ll be a good person to know–and don’t be hurt if they say no. You put yourself out there, and that deserves a high-five! Establishing new relationships takes time! While it may be frustrating, taking the time to nurture new friendships will be totally worth it in the end.


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